Gratitude 2012

I'm grateful to live in paradise with amazing people.

I'm grateful I found my tribe (thanks, CatalystCon).

I'm grateful for the men who want to meet me from the vanilla dating site...not knowing they stand to get potentially kinkified.

I'm grateful for this passion I have for dancing with words, trying to find the ones that make you (and me) squirm, make you put your hand to your mouth in embarrassed surprise.

I'm grateful for another year of adventures, even juicier than the last.

I'm grateful, ever so grateful, for the male ass.

I'm grateful for the perfect Brown Paper Bag Turkey I cooked this year. Stellar.

I'm grateful for the manufacturers of all the best sex toys. Thanks for seeing the need and creating the product.

I'm grateful we won't have to be fighting to keep Roe v Wade on the books for the next 4 years.

I'm grateful for friends and family.

I'm grateful for all my readers and listeners - you are why I am here!

♥Ruby Ryder♥



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      1. Good reflections. You give good advice, and I’ve learned a lot from reading your reflections and information. You are credible and a strong advocate for healthy sexual behavior and identity. Regards.

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