Podcast #34

Valentine's Day??
Valentine's Day??

Pegging Paradise Podcast #34

Pegging Classes scheduled at Kama Sutra Closet Saturday February 16th!

❤ She’s awesome but he wishes she were just a tad more…enthusiastic about pegging him. What to do?

❤ He's awesome but she wishes they could put the pegging aside sometimes and have normal sex without the toys...where she is the center of attention. What to do?

❤ Pegging Celebration Time!

❤ He gets soundly pegged by a new partner. It's far from his first time but she is a newbie. She totally gets into it but seems to deny her obvious level of enjoyment the next morning. Pegging morning-after guilt?

❤ Ruby comes up with a new toy idea...here on the podcast. You heard it first. Make me one!



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    1. Actually I like the Icicles 14 a little better because it’s bigger (insert evil laugh here); 1 5/8″ diameter instead of 1 1/2″.
      Come to think of it – the plugs have already been made. NJoy plugs have a perfectly good loop at the end of them to attach a leash onto…didn’t think of that last night when I did the podcast! I would want a leash with a leather attachment, though, because I wouldn’t want to scratch up either the pyrex or the stainless steel…

  1. Your show this weekend inspired me to write to you with a possible solution to your leashed plug. But first, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful site and podcasts. What a wonderful treasure of information for first timers and even those who have been doing this for awhile. My wife of 31 years has been regularly pegging me since before it had that name, thank you Dan Savage. We started in the early nineties and through lots of trial and error and plenty of fun times, I think we may have it figured out. At least for us. That is not to say your website and podcasts have nothing new for us. We love listening and talking about thoughts and feelings that you and your other followers inspire. And of course, there are always the new products you let us know about. They are the best part!
    Anyway, regarding the leashed plug idea. We are definitely trying that out! The Stockroom has this beautiful lion’s head plug that has a ring in its mouth. This could easily be used with your favorite leash. The link is below. Thank you again for your wonderful insights and ideas!


    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your story with me. I do believe that you and your wife have been pegging longer than any couple I know, which is in itself quite exciting. I’m so glad to hear that you are able to find news things here and there in my podcasts. I put a lot of work into them but I love it.

      The leashed plug idea…that’s a nice plug! I am curious how comfortable it is, as the base is round, but the metal loop might work if it is sturdy enough. I wondered about the Njoy plugs, too – they have a metal loop and would probably work as well. Or like Lars suggested – the Icicle plugs. And I already have a leash… (rubs hands together).

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