Podcast #45


Pegging Paradise Podcast #45

❤ He took a while to tell her and she wished he'd done it sooner!

She only found pegging because she wanted to wear a cock.

❤ The poignantly difficult time of being a man everyone expects to be dominant when he has craved submission and being a bottom for a long, long time.

❤ Do not fear the ass-addiction!

❤ He's a blue collar, always been dominant kind of guy who suddenly craves dominance and pegging. His wife is taking the reins and running with them!

❤ Pegging celebration Time!

❤ After he gets up the nerve to ask her, he and his wife and the Share have a juicy good time for their first pegging experience!

❤ Ruby reports on Deborah Sundahl's "Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot" class - amazing.

❤ Ruby reports on another Bawdy Storytelling adventure.

❤ Settling in on the ranch.

❤ More kisses and Ruby is smiling.


Brene Brown - Vulnerability

Brene Brown - Shame

Dan Savage - Straight Men

Charlie Glickman - the Man Box

Deborah Sundahl Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Bawdy Storytelling Wednesday May 22nd


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