Podcast #49



Pegging Paradise Podcast #49

❤ So what about transwomen?

❤ Etsy Strap-on harnesses - crocheted! Too cute.

❤ FLR wife tells of Hubbys first Bi experience - Hot.

❤ Chastity helped hand-free orgasm! It worked!

❤ How safe is TPR?

❤ Dildology.org - the best thing that ever happened to the toxic toy battle

❤ Smitten Kitten Prostate Class and Pegging 101 class June 17th and 18th.

❤ I've been asked to Moderate an "Ass Panel" at CatalystCon West!



Etsy Harnesses

Dildology OffBeatr Project

  ↑↑↑↑Donate $25 to Dildology Offbeatr, take a screen shot and get 50% off the "I Want It All" Story subscription for the month of June only!!


CatalystCon West

The Ass Panel at CatalystCon West!


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