9/22 & 11/3 CA Classes

The Pleasures of Pegging

Beginning and Advanced

Ventura, CA

Sept 22nd and Nov 3rd, 2013

Here's the link to reserve your space.

❤ Are you a woman who would like to have your pick of a large group of men? Pegging can help you with that.
❤ Are you a man who would like to have orgasms 10 times more powerful than anything you have ever experienced? Try pegging.
❤ Are you a couple looking for something new and exciting to add to your sexual repertoire? Pegging!


The Pleasures of Pegging - Beginners 5:00 - 6:30pm

Curious about Pegging? The practice of heterosexual strap-on sex, or Pegging, has been going through the roof in popularity and acceptance recently. Come and find out why! Pegging offers an entirely new dimension of pleasure for couples to add to their treasure chest of sexual choices.

❤ What are the most common misconceptions and fears?
❤ Best way to keep clean
❤ How to really take it slow for the first time
❤ How to be safe
❤ Good equipment for beginners
❤ Can both partners really orgasm from pegging?
❤ How does pegging involve “role reversal”?
❤ What are the best ways to convince your partner to give it a try?

Join Ruby Ryder for an introductory discussion about Pegging which will address these topics and many more.


The Pleasures of Pegging - Advanced 7:00 - 8:30pm

You’ve done the Pegging dance a time or two…and now you have more questions....

❤ Orgasms – The various ways to achieve his and hers
❤ Equipment – Fine tuning your equipment and lube choices to suit you and your partner
❤ Physiology – The anal area, prostate gland and safety concerns
❤ Psychology - what can happen behind both ends of the strap-on
❤ Positions – The best positions for intimacy, varying levels of skill and different body types
❤ Learning good technique – tips and tricks to make it all go more smoothly

This class will go into detail about these topics and more. Get all your questions answered. Try on harnesses. See (clothed) demonstrations of the various positions.

The price for one class (either one) is $15. You may attend both classes for only $20! Space is limited. Here's the link to reserve your space.

You do not need a partner to attend. Bring yourself, your partner and/or your adventurous friends!

Classes will be held at:

Kama Sutra Closet 451 E. Main Street, #6, Ventura, CA 93001

Please feel free to call with any questions 888-801-8952


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