Podcast #62


 Pegging Paradise Podcast #62

❤ I helped him feel comfortable about talking with women about pegging!

❤ He started early and had problems finding women who love it. He loves the emotion and the vulnerability.

❤ Friends sharing fantasies - Whoa! They both want to try pegging! He's a fan of butt plugs, too.

❤ She's reluctant to peg despite finger play. He thinks...she thinks...it is painful?

❤ Not feeling so strange after finding the pegging aficionados at Pegging Paradise!

❤ Where did that sexy intro/exit music come from?

❤ Vac-u-lock couple bought a Spare Parts Joque and a Vixskin dildo - doin' the happy dance, now! No bruises!

❤ Explicit podcasts? Don't make me look for them - just tell me where to find them!

❤ Denver report

❤ Overenthusiastic TSA woman pats me down...kinda hard.

❤ NEW!!! Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise Podcast Question Line:


Now you can call me with your questions!!!



Newbie Ass Play

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  1. I was the one that wrote in about me wanting to be pegged and my friend wanting to peg a guy.We’ve done a few times now and OMG!It took a few times to figure out the most comfortable position and the right pace.We decided the best position is me laying on the edge of my bed laying on my back with my legs spread wide open.We keep eye contact which adds a little something.I’m also able to play with her tits.We’ve also discovered we want to be watched.Hopefully that’s our next step of our sexual fantasy journey!

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