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Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise Podcast Question Line:


Now you can call me with your questions!

Is that cool or what?

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  1. hi Ruby

    I am a guy from India… who secretly likes this a lot, but because of certain reasons have not been able to come to terms with me being the peggee’.. so to say…

    is this line of yours open for erotic fantasies too? I mean is it ok if i call you up and get ravaged by you over phone 🙂 ..or just meant for genuine questions only… do let me know.. thanks


    1. Kg – thanks for the question! I do appreciate you asking before calling and expecting to be ravaged. 😉 This line is for genuine questions only, otherwise it would cost you to call it and I would be a phone sex operator! I do understand there are many men like yourself who enjoy pegging secretly and that is totally understandable. Someday pegging will be seen as a normal part of many heterosexual couple’s sexual activities and I hope that day arrives soon!

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