Podcast #64


 Pegging Paradise Podcast #64

❤ Another option for the podcast #59 man who was considering the swing
❤ Liberator cushions
❤ Entice Me - a jewel of a sexy home party business...and much, much more.
❤ He finally tried pegging and has yet to be impressed...advice?
❤ He's trying to drop hints for the wife and wondering if he's gone too far
❤ She loves pegging as much as I do! ...and wrote to tell me all about it
❤ Bawdy Storytelling Workshop LA "Fearless Storytelling" 9/29 (link below)
❤ CatalystCon – Sparking Communication in sexuality, activism… 9/27-29
❤ Fun with the Phone Line! 805-500-6544


Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
Entice Me
Sexy Survivors
Mojo Upgrade
Bawdy Storytelling Workshop LA Sunday 9/29/13


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. I believe we will try the questionnaire.
    Great blog and again thanks for addressing my fantasy.
    Now one day when we are not exhausted from work and the kids. The games will begin.

    Thanks and kink on.

  2. Hi Ruby,

    I’ve just decided to purchase the liberator wedge/ramp combo (in black of course…). I look forward to finding some more attainable and comfortable positions with my beautiful wife in our pegging journey. Thanks for providing ‘the’ go-to site for all things pegging. Keep up the stellar work.

    Kind regards,

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