Podcast #67


Pegging Paradise Podcast #67


❤ I'm in the top 100 Sex Bloggers on Kinkly!
❤ He wonders what percentage of the public practice pegging? And how can he present it to his girlfriend without all the dominant stuff?
❤ The VCH piercing/double dildo question gets answered on Reddit
❤ Response to my  article about why I love pegging.
❤ He wants to know how he can keep getting pegged when it hurts?
CatalystCon West report - finally!
Ass Panel Success - invited to DC!
More about Toxic Sex Toys
❤ Zach records himself coming...and it gives us an idea...
❤ Call in and record your orgasm! 805-500-6544


Hercules the Pleasure Coach
Smut For Smarties
Lady Cheeky
Entice Me Home Parties


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  1. I think I was listening last week or so and there was a mention of mojo upgrade. The site was down and I have patiently waited and tried a few different times but it appears that it is not being fixed. Any other suggestions?


    1. Yes – the mojo upgrade is a quandry. The site is up and down and no one seems to know who owns it or what’s going on with it. 🙁 I have no suggestions for you, unfortunately.

  2. Congratulations on your Ass Panel success! I’m still surprised as to why you don’t seem to get more (or any) hugs at these things. I know a couple of people who’d be glad to offer you a hug at least should you ever embark on a european tour.

    The accompanying picture above is especially hot this time, so thanks for that!

    1. You are welcome for the picture! There are a lot of trans women on that tumblr so I don’t know if hers is real or not but she’s beautiful either way.
      When (not if) I embark on my European tour I will let you know!

      1. I kind of assumed it’s a strapon that she put on first to tease her partner with, something like “Look what I have for you, honey!” You should definitely consider having a similar picture taken of yourself at some point.

        Oh, and about that recording at the end… I think the idea is really great and it certainly sounds like a fun way to integrate some audience participation into the podcast. Wouldn’t it be awesome to record, for example, the end of a pegging session where you can hear the guy moaning as well as his lady thrusting into him until he comes?

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