Day 17 Orgasms 19 & 20

This picture is fitting, here at DomCon. Especially since the major fetish party was held last night at a private venue (not the Hilton) called the Sanctuary. Photos are not allowed at places like that because many people do not want the world to know that they are kinky, but I wanted to photograph so many people in the most amazing array of outfits. I have never seen so much latex in one place my life! What a place for pure voyeurism. The Pro Dommes came dressed to the nines, of course. That was a show in itself.

That evening I ended up having some fun. I brought a man back to my room and we played. Sorry, no detailed description at this point. I am walking the line between public and personal lives and for now that's all you get (I can be a cruel tease).

Suffice to say I had one orgasm with him and then two more after he left because everything about him, and my enjoyment of him, was so fucking hot.

I only counted the two orgasms I gave myself for masturbation month. This is traditional. Historically I don't count the ones enjoyed with company because that's not masturbation. That's sex.

I was remembering all the things I did to him that made him tremble and moan and all the things he did to me that left a puddle beneath me and a smile on my face.

So my dry spell is officially broken.

*happy dance*


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