Day 16 Orgasm 18

We now arrive at the intersection of DomCon LA 2014 and Masturbation Month!

DomCon LA 2014
DomCon LA 2014


This was my first DomCon. Although I personally identify as a dominant woman, I have never ventured down to this convention. DomCon is described as "The largest professional and lifestyle domination convention in the world". As such, and as a BDSM convention,  fetish wear is literally everywhere. The things I saw yesterday! It was like going to a fancy BDSM play party, except it was a very large room with vendors galore and all the customers were dressed up.

Pony play, sissy maids, cross dressers, leather men. All manner of things were for sale as well like whips, paddles, straps, restraints and gags. Shoes that I just about literally drooled over. Electroplay equipment. I could go on and on. I was and continue to be fascinated. I certainly enjoy wielding a flogger, strap, paddle or crop on a willing ass, and I picked up a few nice toys yesterday.

I have to give the Hilton LAX credit for hosting this conference. Their vanilla guests get an eyeful on occasion. Clothing has to be worn in the public hotel areas and then once you cross the threshold (where they check badges) to the conference, all manner of dress is acceptable. As a general rule, less is very acceptable.

So I am teaching here. My sex educator hat is on. And my first class was today. The Pleasure of Pegging for Beginners. It was a good class. A fair amount of interest in pegging in this crowd.

One of the things I do in the beginning class is to ask for a volunteer to demonstrate various positions with me. I do that because when I just talk, people don't remember the positions. But if they see me rolling around the floor with someone, they remember.

There was a young man attending the class who caught my eye earlier. He was naked to the waist and wore assless black leather chaps with a black thong underneath. His ass was a sight to behold. Couple that with platform knee-high black boots replete with buckles and a model-worthy slender, muscular body, and you can understand why when I asked for a volunteer I turned and looked right at him. He raised his hand obligingly and we proceeded to roll around the floor.

Not just for my pleasure, of course. For my audience as well, right?

Having such a gorgeous man not only in such close proximity, but touching him, moving him around and still talking to the class all the while about the positions. Well...whew.

I was absolutely thinking about him in those assless chaps last night with my fingers between my warm, wet lips. Pulling that thong aside and having my way with him. That's was what I was thinking about.

I let my sounds come out loud when I came.

Hotel self-sex at its best.


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