Day 3 Orgasm 3


Ahhh...last night didn't get posted in a timely manner because I was celebrating with friends.

We were all celebrating for different reasons. Mine was a little different. I was celebrating things that taste good, sound good, make you feel good but are bad for you. So after work I went and had Taco Bell. Then I stopped at the market and got 3 different kinds of chocolate. When I arrived home my other friends were already enjoying themselves and one particular man brought me my favorite 'drink it too fast because it tastes so good' alcohol - Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka....which I drank over ice. It really is so smooth you can do that. Or maybe it's just me.

So last night I was a tad tipsy (understatement) when I finally crawled into bed at around 2am. I grabbed my Magic Wand and got straight to it. I was thinking about a party I'm planning - a cross dressing party. Everyone who attends must wear at least one thing 'typically' worn by the other gender. But the guys who love to cross dress are welcome to do it up in whatever way they see fit.

So I  selected a couple of the nicest asses framed with the most beautiful garters and stockings and of course the requisite thong nestled so sweetly between their cheeks....bent them over my bed and took turns fucking them both for a while. Then I chose one of them to fuck me missionary position while the other guy fucked him. We made a heavy breathing, sweating, moaning sandwich and everyone came long and hard and loud. That was what sent me over the edge.

As far as the 'celebrating things that taste good, sound good, make you feel good but are bad for you', yes, I felt like shit this morning. And yes, it was about Zach.

I really hope I am completely done with 2 major lessons where partners are concerned; unavailable and wounded bird. Looking for the available man who will take care of me this time around.


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