Podcast #85

Nice idea, but crappy toy.

Pegging Paradise Podcast #85

❤ Masturbation Month continues...
❤ A Memorial Day thank you to all the soldiers
❤ He wants to try role reversal, she doesn't.
❤ First letter from a lesbian (!) pegger!
❤ The curve of the dildo...
❤ He wants her to have pleasure, too! Equipment questions.
❤ Where's the harness that has plugs for her vagina and ass, too?
❤ He felt discomfort afterwards. Normal? 
❤ The curve of the dildo redux
❤ He's liking the idea of pegging but not liking the BDSM at all.



Can I ruin my ass fo-evah?

Spice up your strap-on

Anal Fissue - Wikipedia

Non-BDSM videos

Reddit Pegging Unkinked


7 Responses

  1. Dear Ruby,

    As I often do, I woke up at about 4AM this morning and came downstairs to spend the 2nd half of my night in my favorite chair. (I often have difficulty going back to sleep, so I turn on something to listen to, which helps me doze back off…) I usually turn on a political-centered podcast, but, since discovering your riveting podcasts on pegging, I’ve been doing a concentrated catch-up! We were up-north over the Memorial Day weekend, and I had the earbuds in ALL NIGHT LONG, with your sage advise and wisdom playing from sunset to sunrise. (Yeah — I managed to hear quite a bit, between periods of rest…)

    Anyway, I was happy to see that #85 made its appearance overnight, and I tuned it in as I settled back into my easy chair to partake during the return trip to dreamland this morning. But sleep didn’t overtake me right away — the podcast was just too interesting. Specifically, I saw that you addressed a question similar to one that I submitted recently, regarding the “curvature of dildo”. I was pleased to hear your take on it, despite the fact that it wasn’t my question that you were addressing.

    Then, when you mentioned that you were linking to a specific Aslan harness that sounded very interesting, I had to have a look, so I went to the computer to look at the link. (Who needs sleep, anyway?) After checking out the Aslan site — WOW, what intriguing products! — I noticed the ‘curve of the dildo redux’ bullet point and wondered ‘Could this be my question?’

    Yup, it was! Thank you so much for addressing it! I had to chuckle aloud when you suggested that I must be an engineer. You sure had me pegged! (oops, did I really say that?) Yes, I’m a retired engineer, with an electronics and computer background, which explains my being so anal (sorry — couldn’t resist…) about detail and specificity in my writing. I try very hard to be clear and precise, which often has the opposite result. Have you ever heard of the Murphy’s Corollary, that says: “In making something absolutely clear, someone will be confused.” ?? That’s me…

    The he/she, him/her thing is a result of my disdain for the degradation of our language at the hands of the politically-correct who wring their hands over language being ‘sexist’ when ‘his’ is used generically, as in ‘Make sure your child brings his pencil to the test’. These days, even English teachers bastardize this into “Make sure your child brings their pencil…’, which is bad grammar. What — an engineer who is also a grammar prig? Yeah, I’m an oddball.

    Incidentally, when I retired 7 years ago, my wife and I decided that a good retirement pursuit was to ramp-up our always-hot & varied sex lives. It involved sharing our deeply-suppressed secret desires with one another, and then going about the process of making the necessary corrections to assure that we were both getting the sexual satisfaction that we wanted most. It’s been somewhat hit and miss, but we’ve done things neither of us ever dreamed we’d be doing!

    Briefly, my thing is lingerie and embracing my feminine side, and hers was spanking. I guess neither of us fully understand the others’ fascination, but we do try to accommodate and fulfill our respective secret pleasures. I probably don’t have to tell you that I’m very eager to explore pegging in more depth than we have in the past, and I’m blaming you and your blog!

    I haven’t yet introduced my sweetie to your podcasts, but I’m thinking that this one — in which you answered my question, would be an ideal one for her introduction!

    Thanks again for all you do! You have another fan-for-life, and I will be a $ contributor at some point. I was too late to the podcast to be a contributor to the Washington D.C. trip, but I’ll make up for it one of these days!


    1. Thanks so much for this comment! I’m going to read it on my next podcast. I will totally accept the blame for your desire to explore pegging in more ‘depth’ – ah the puns never stop.(knew you were an engineer…!)

  2. “…ah the puns never stop.”

    Regrettably, no… ;>)

    I really should have known, better, though. I imagine you’ve heard ’em all, haven’t you? Kinda like saying to your dentist: “You’re looking a little down-in-the-mouth today, Doc”…

    Nothing’s original anymore! (But it’s fun trying…)


  3. “Dealing with assholes since 2010.”

    That’s enough to make a groan man cry! ;>)

    Whether you consider them the highest form of wit or the lowest form of humor, you’ll have to admit that they’re ‘punny’!

    Ruby, methinks thou suffereth from ass-fixiation…

      1. As a gentleman, I should have both the sense and sensitivity to allow the lady to have the last word. But I apparently don’t.

        You know the consequences. As The Beatles famously sang, many years ago:

        “She’ll get you — she’ll get you in the end…”

        Oh, yeah!!!!


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