Day 26 Orgasm 30

Memories from some years ago, when I was inexperienced and exploring pegging. I'd read Violet Blue's book, "The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex". I was pretty new at everything, new enough to buy my first harness and dildo (previous partners had the equipment). I knew the basics, but I didn't know what I was doing, really. Because as I keep saying - the learning curve is steep for women who strap on a cock for the first time.

I went on AFF (Adult friend Finder), where I indeed found myself an adult friend. He was a man who was very sexual and decided he wanted to explore pegging. You know - the new frontier, the unexplored part of his sexuality. We had dinner. I checked in with him and asked, how is this feeling for you? Because I'm attracted to you and I'm interested.

This is the way I think all first dates should go - just be honest and open and if it's not mutual you can be done with it and move on instead of pretending ("I'll call you...").

Thankfully, he felt the same way. We moved to the bar where we continued to talk. Several hours later he walked me to me car. He was somewhat undecided about whether he was up for the whole pegging adventure. I think he was more sure about wanting to explore the new territory of pegging but had yet to feel like he could trust me with the level of vulnerability pegging would require of him. He was interested, but not sure.

Then we kissed. It was a flat-out 10. Exquisite. We came up for air and he said, "Anyone who kisses like that, I want to be intimate with. Yes."

Did I mention he was a fireman? Yeah. Totally. I mentally picked up a pen and prepared to check the box of my fireman fantasy off my sexual 'want to' list.

The next time we met it was in a hotel room with crisp white sheets. His body was gorgeous. The curves of his ass and his biceps and his thighs and his shoulders all made it difficult to take my hands off of him. So I didn't.

I played with his ass and teased it and invited it to play with me. And play we did.

I fucked him for the first time, slow and sweet. I could tell the sensations were a little overwhelming for him, in the best way possible. Finally he took his cock in his hand and came as I thrust into him from behind. The strength of his orgasm took him by surprise.

Who is ever prepared for an orgasm ten times more powerful than anything you have ever experienced? People can tell you it's more intense but not until you feel everything tighten up just before you come, which intensifies the feeling of that toy sliding in and out of your ass, and then the sensation of all that come exploding out of your cock with more force than you've ever experienced, or perhaps taking you back to when you were 18. I've been told it will blow your mind.

His first words, as he fell forward on the bed, were "I had no idea!" We both laughed.

He woke me up at around 3 in the morning, after we'd been sleeping a couple of hours and asked me to fuck him again.

And once more (!) before he left in the morning, bringing me the harness. He couldn't get enough.

His was one of the most beautiful asses I have ever fucked.

The fireman fantasy got checked off, too. (fist pump)


That was my fantasy last night - remembering the fireman.


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