Day 27 Orgasm 31


My BDSM side came out last night to play in my fantasies.

I was thinking about a story a young man told me. He and I never played, because he stood me up once. Second chances after getting stood up almost never happen with me. I feel so disrespected. And it's a shame because he would have been fun.

He was playing with a Domme. He was on all fours up on a low massage table. She had him blindfolded and was beating him with a flogger and a crop (my favorite tools, the flogger almost feels like a massage and the crop stings like hell).

Then she lubed him up and he could feel something beginning to be pushed into his ass and he started to pull away in surprise. At the same time she grabbed his balls and pulled them backwards to prevent him from moving away from whatever it was that was being shoved up his ass (remember - he's blindfolded). He had no choice but to open up and accept it unless he wanted his balls to be in pain. It felt like it was enormous and never-ending because he couldn't see it and had no reference point. When she finally got it in his ass she began fucking him with it while she stroked his cock until he came. That's how his anal virginity was taken. He fell in love with getting fucked right then.

I have yet to do that to a man but have filed it away under 'great ideas as a dominant'.

And every time I think about it, I get wet. Like last night!


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  1. Hi Ruby,

    I got your link after you answered my question on yahoo answers. I wanna know one thing, and that is do women get stimulated properly in pegging apart from mental stimulation? To me what’s more important is that my girl friend would be satisfied. In fact that’s the whole submissiveness part of me, I don’t really care much about myself and the only thing about pegging that turns me on is the mental stimulation, is the idea of me being in a lower power…

    1. Stimulated “properly” suggests that you think her orgasm is more important than the act and I would urge you to rethink that. The learning curve for a woman with pegging is steep and trying to ensure that she also gets off while doing it can be a bit much to start with, especially since not all women can get off from pegging to begin with. The right equipment can definitely give her more stimulation but if your enjoyment is predicated on her getting off, it will likely take a while for her to get used to pegging and then explore the right equipment that works for her. Although we have all heard of first time stories about women getting off easily, these are actually the exception rather than the rule.

      It’s possible that the mental stimulation and her seeing you enjoying it is satisfying enough for your girlfriend, and she doesn’t require an orgasm.

      I also want to address your statement about you being in a “lower power”. Be careful that you don’t mean “lesser than”. If somewhere inside you. you think that the person being penetrated is somehow less than the person doing the penetrating – examine your attitudes about women because they are penetrated all the time during sex. A “power exchange” is fine where she runs the show and you are more passive and receiving and vulnerable, but don’t let it be about “less than”.

      Will answer this on my podcast as well.

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