Day 31 Orgasm 35

Ruby Ryder
Ruby Ryder

The last of these Masturbation Month posts reflects my deep desire to be in a loving, lust-filled relationship. I have never been one to enjoy disconnected sex, so all the sexual play I do includes a minimum level of intimacy. You know how kissing can be very intimate? That's my favorite way to kiss. Pretty much the only way to kiss, in my world. And there is a way that bodies can follow suit.

Common thinking usually dictates that intimacy takes time to develop between two people. You have to get to know each other and build shared memories and spend time together. That is one kind of intimacy, indeed. But I believe that another kind can be achieved by just opening yourself up and welcoming another person completely inside, literally and/or figuratively. That's what it feels like to me, anyway.

That kind of opening can be scary to do with someone you just met, certainly. But I figure that if I decide to get naked in bed with a man for the purpose of engaging in a quest for maximum sexual bodily fluids, why not open myself up and enjoy it as much as I can? The more he opens up with me, the more I enjoy it. And the more intimacy we share.

Anyway, I crave intimacy. I crave the wide-openness of it. This fantasy has a lot of it.

So, with that lengthy preface, I present to you my last fantasy of Masturbation Month.


Too Long

He'd been naked and waiting for me impatiently, for about an hour. He grabbed me the moment I walked through the door of the hotel room. Pushing the door shut hard behind me, he picked me up like I weighed nothing and put my legs around his waist. I could feel his cock hard between us. He kissed me, with restraint at first and eventually almost hard enough to bruise my lips. Finally he came up for air.

"My God, I've missed you."

"Same here, big guy. So much."

He laid me down on the bed and undressed me. He kept kissing me as one by one, my clothes fell in a pile on the floor. When every stitch was gone he climbed on top of me and spread my legs with his. He pressed his eager cock against my clit, knowing I was already wet from thinking about him on the drive there. More kissing. That's how it was with us; never enough kissing. He gathered me up in his arms and just held me, burying his head in my neck. We clung to each other for a while that way, until our emotions calmed down.

It had been too long. Longer than either one of us would have chosen, but that's as much as an illicit affair can ever offer. That's part of the unwritten rules. You get time when you get it, not when you want it.

Finally he went to my suitcase and found my harness, bringing it back to me along with the largest cock I owned. He'd wanted it inside him the last time we were together and I said no. He sat on the bed next to me and held up the cock and harness in both hands.

"I have been thinking about you fucking me every single day since last time. I've been dreaming about it, jerking off to it....I cannot get you out of my head!" The last words he spoke had a tortured quality to them.

"Oh, Baby." I leaned up, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He inserted my cock into the harness and started to slip it on me.

"I need it now please, Ma'am. Now. Please."

I looked at his face, so full of desires tamped down and shadowed with the pain of waiting. I kissed him with all the tenderness I possessed and felt him melt a little. How could I deny that much desire, that intense a need? I couldn't.

"Run with it, Baby." That was our code for he gets what he wants. He grabbed me up and kissed me hard.

"Thank you, Ma'am!"

He fastened the leather harness on me quickly, lifting my hips up to put it on. He turned the curve of the dildo up, giving me a hint of the position he was planning.

Then he was on his back, pulling me on top of him and handing me the lube, all at once. I gave him a look that said no foreplay? He nodded with assurance and lifted his legs. I lathered my cock and his ass with lube and moved into position, feeling him reach for my ass to pull me inside. I had my doubts. It was a big cock.

Placing the tip against his beautiful puckered hole, I held his gaze. Eye contact at the moment of penetration; my favorite. I leaned in a little and felt him begin to open. Patient, I held still and waited for him, watching his face soften with the intensity of being penetrated. My big, strong guy, melting before my eyes. What started with my tender kiss continued as I pushed my huge cock into him. Little by little he let go and opened up to me. He melted.

"Yes! Oh...Yes!" He gasped in pleasure and closed his eyes.

I felt my thighs touch him once my cock was in as far as it could go. I laid down on top of him and we began to kiss once again. Whether he asked for it or not, I intended to give him some time to get used to the size of this toy. We kissed sweetly and he squirmed a bit, wanting to feel it more, wanting the fucking to commence.

"How do you want it, Baby?"

"Sweet. I want it sweet this time." His soft response was a surprise. I'd been gearing up to give him a pounding.

"Sweet you shall have, my love."

I fucked him slowly, listening to his moans behind our kisses. I found the spot that makes him come and edged up to it again and again...until he begged. And then I took him in my arms and kissed him and fucked him right over that edge, slow and delicious-like, until he filled the space between us with hot stickiness, even as he filled the room with his cries of pleasure. The bittersweet pleasure of the end of his waiting. I fucked him so sweetly, it made us both cry.

And later he fucked me so sweetly, we both cried again.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks Ruby. That was my first guess. But it seemed to me that the curves and bumps were much more extreme than what is shown on Tantus’s web site for the Echo. I actually just found out by accident that it is not an Echo, it’s a Tantus Tsunami vibrator. The shape and color fits spot on with the pictures I’ve seen. And oddly enough, Smitten Kitten seems to think it is better for harness/strap on play than the Echo.

  2. You are right! I’d forgotten the name of that one. I won it in a late night bingo game at CatalystCon West about a year and a half ago. I’ve used it once and the young man I used it with did not like the ridges – preferred a smooth dildo.

    People all have their preferences. That’s what is so difficult about the question, “what’s the best strap-on?” No such animal. Because what’s best for that young man I was with is not the best for the people at Smitten Kitten, obviously.

    Thanks for the correction!

  3. Yeah I hear you, I’d probably not like the ridges either. But I’d be willing to try it just to see what it feels like. I suspect Smitten Kitten’s thinking is typical woman on woman strap on play. Plus they say the base is better for a harness. Yup, each to their own. Everyone has really different sexual stimulation and sex toy preferences.

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