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Thank you Joycelyn Elders, for Masturbation Month!

So Masturbation May was all about challenging myself to find time every day to have an orgasm...and then write about it. Or perhaps write about something hot first and then get off on it. I think I did it in both directions about equally.

Sometimes when I started writing a fantasy, I confess that it was so hot that I held it back to use for a story, and I am working on those. The sheer creativity involved seemed daunting at times. I mean, how many ways can you fuck someone? Or get fucked? Or beat someone? Or a combination thereof?  Especially when you have done Masturbation May for 3 years running? But not much time would pass and something would pop into my head. Many times hot enough to impress me. And as I said, sometimes hot enough to set aside for a future story.

How did I get off?

Sometimes it was a Magic Wand (I will not say Hitachi, I will not say Hitachi) kind of orgasm day. Other times I pulled out lovely penetrative toys like the Echo Handle from Tantus (and if you want a cheaper Echo Handle - shop the grab bag!) or even a couple of times the Raptor XL from Tantus - a little tough to get in but quite a ride once inside.  However, Tantus has a sale going for 25% off all Sale items using the code TAKEPRIDE and they put a crapload of their usual items in the sale category!!! Even the brand new "Amsterdam" for you guys looking for the bigger ones - 2.6" diameter and 10.5" long. You know, 25% off that baby is a lot of money!

Okay - I got distracted. This is starting to sound like a commercial...back to how I got off.

My own fingers took me over the edge quite a few times as well. (Those aren't for sale but are up for grabs, so to speak. I am single).

Where did all those fantasies come from?

I don't know, the depths of my creative force? That sounds good. Some of them were memories of either my own experiences. Some were fantasies I have encountered before, and often a combination of the two. Sometimes I created a fantasy with a new guy, spun completely from a phrase he used in his profile or the way he spoke a sentence when we talked...or perhaps how he turned and looked at me when we met. The smallest things can start a story in my head. I love the way my naughty mind works, turning so many things x-rated. I feel blessed, truly.

How do I feel, now that May is over?

A little happier. A little softer around the edges. A little more tired - lol. Glad that the demands of May are over. More appreciative of the large assortment of toys I own. And just a little more desirous of a partner. Imagine...we could have done some mutual masturbation for May!

Next year.


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