Podcast #86b


Pegging Paradise Podcast #86b


❤ We hear back from the engineer!
❤ Fascinating spinabifida question
❤ He wants to save pegging for a special girl - the right girl
❤ Appreciation for the bisexual focus
❤ She "doesn't get anything out of it"...He wants to change her mind



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8 Responses

  1. Hi Ruby,

    Thank you for addressing my comments relative to previous podcasts in #86b, and for expressing interest in hearing if there has been progress in the nascent pegging relationship with my wife.

    The answer is an ambiguous, ‘Yes, and no…’, and I’ll explain soon in an upcoming email. As you’ve probably noted, I tend to be prolix, and I’m uncomfortable typing blindly into a website text box, as I’ve had too many unpleasant surprises when trying to submit the content, only to be told, ‘Your post is too long – please delete about 10,000 characters!’

    I’m very happy to provide a followup and not at all shy or embarrassed by offering complete candor with you in revealing personal information. But this followup is actually integrally tied to a backstory that illustrates how my wife and I have gotten to this point, and I think it’s important to include that.

    Additionally, the last question in the podcast touches on another area that’s pertinent in my situation, and I’d also like to comment on that, which may make the War and Peace look like Reader’s Digest. And best-suited to an email epic, rather than the modest amount of space provided here on the blog.

    Don’t worry — I’ll give you a heads-up so that you can settle in with a large pot of coffee before wading in…

    Take care, and keep working on changing America one ass at a time!

  2. Thanks for addressing the topic of bisexuality. As a bi/curious guy myself, I agree that pegging won’t lead to homosexuality. However, I feel it can lead to further bi/curious feelings, and as you stated, the curiosity to entertain other scenarios that involve anal play, i.e. sex with men. Does this make a man gay? I don’t believe so, but I do think it increases a man’s likelihood that he’ll entertain sex with another man.

    Ive enjoyed all of your material here, and especially appreciate the support for bi men!

    1. Love to hear from the bi and bi-curious guys. Thanks for your comment. That area is much more grey that I at first believed…unfortunately most women have a lot of fears around pegging, specifically that they will lose their man to another man if their man starts liking anal action. :-/ Silly women.

    1. Streaming the podcasts directly from the blog was threatening to crash the server when I put a new podcast out. That’s good because I have a lot of listeners but bad because my website host said I was taking up too much band width. So the link “Pegging Paradise Podcast #XX”, above the photo, now takes you to iTunes, and you can listen to the podcast there!

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