A DIY Harness!

So you save up and get that dildo you have always been wanting and sometimes it's a little tough to afford the harness, too. Solution? Consider this DIY harness!



Thanks to Isabella Rotman for this excellent idea! Not to mention the cool comic that explains it. Click on the photo above to get the full instructions.

Send me a picture of you wearing it if you make one!


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    1. In my opinion this is proof positive that more and more people are trying strap-on sex! When there is a do-it-yourself video on how to make a harness on YouTube – we (and the lesbians) have arrived!

    2. This is great! Thanks for posting this here. I think the only thing I would change on this design is to press snaps into the webbing to secure the O-ring such that different size O-rings can be used. Otherwise you have to make a whole other harness for a different O-ring size.

      1. I replaced the O-ring with a nice piece of cord to make a drawstring arrangement which accommodates multiple dildo sizes. I also didn’t have to go shopping for rings.

        1. That’s a brilliant solution and something that never occured to me to try! It could even be done with a pre-made store bought harness that uses O-rings. I’m guessing you are using some sort of synthetic material cords such that it doesn’t absorb fluids as easily and is easy to wash?

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