The Tantus Sport

Tantus Sport

Tantus'  dildos are among my favorite. They are a great company that has an unbending dedication to providing us all with body-safe non-toxic toys that are often exactly what we have been wanting for a long time or even better, a toy we never knew we wanted but they came up with.

For a long time I have been a proponent of beginner's dildos being a minimum of 6" long. For a lot of reasons. Less than 6" limits the positions you can enjoy without the dildo falling out whenever you thrust a little too much. I have talked about it a lot on my podcast and here on my blog. But guess what? I found a dildo that is less than 6" and a situation where it was just right.

Tantus makes a dildo called the Sport. This dildo comes in two sizes,  5.5" x 1.25" and a 7.5" x 1.25". It has a just-right bend at the end of the dildo for prostate pleasure (I can't speak for G-spot!). The last 1.5" of the tip has a slightly larger diameter bulb on it. When I measured mine, the maximum diameter was the bulb end, which did measure 1.25", and the rest of the shaft actually measured 1" in diameter. So this is a slim one, once you get the head in. This dildo is unrealistic in appearance and comes in silver, black and purple.

So...I had a chance to try out the 5.5" model recently and I was impressed! Especially considering my 6" rule...

My partner had engaged in a fair amount of self play with fingers and relatively small diameter toys but had never actually been pegged. He is a very slender, tall young man who actually describes himself as "skinny". So his lovely ass was pretty minimal. Cute, and minimal. Nothing extra, there.

The Sport 5.5" was perfect! Although I am about 15 lbs heavier than my ideal weight and would not really describe myself as slender or thin, I do not carry extra weight in the areas that would interfere with pegging. When I wear a strap-on, it is unimpeded by excess flesh. So I discovered that the magic formula for a shorter than 6" dildo is two thinner people, and especially a slender guy with a minimal ass.

He told me afterwards that he didn't think he could have taken anything longer. And the 5.5" allowed me to sink in to the hilt while we played. The two positions we used were missionary and also with him on his stomach over a couple of pillows. I did not fall out once (one of my complaints for dildos less than 6" long), but the strength of my thrusting was at most about a 6 on a scale of 1 - 10. He was new to pegging and I didn't want to overdo it for his first time.

I was using the dildo with a harness that had a larger metal O-ring (I got lazy and did not change it out), and it did fall out just once because the O-ring really needed to be smaller. The base of the Sport is in the shape of a teardrop, so the slight lack of base on the sides contributed to it falling out of the too-large O-ring. If you have a harness that allows you to change out the O-ring, I would suggest Tantus' silicone O-ring set so that you always have exactly the right size to keep all your dildos securely in your at a time, of course!

If you are using the Spare Parts Joque, it will stay in just fine, as the O-ring is 1.5" and does not stretch easily.

The Tantus Sport offers two sizes of dildos that are perfect for specific categories of pegging couples. In general - slender-bodied couples and larger-bodied couples.

More specifically, the Sport 5.5" is the perfect beginner dildo for couples where the man has a slim derrière and the woman does not have a lot of extra weight in her stomach area. The Sport 7.5" is just the right beginner dildo for a couple where the man has a large derrière and/or the woman carries significant extra weight in her stomach area. Both sizes of the Sport will satisfy men who are experienced in pegging but prefer a slender dildo. The Sport Long is also great for the man who loves deep penetration without the usual accompanying width of longer toys.  Be sure to choose the right one according to derrière and body sizes of the couple!

Nice job, Tantus.

Tantus Sport - 5 out of 5.

Get your own Sport here - use the coupon code Ruby to save 20%!

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