May Classes Scheduled

Ruby Ryder

Ruby Ryder

Next Classes: Beginning and Advanced Pegging in Long Beach Sunday, May 3rd at 1:00pm. Included in the price of the ticket - Organic Wine Tasting!

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Special Offer: The first 10 people to sign up for both classes will receive a $25 gift certificate from! Use it toward your new pegging toys!

Eventbrite - Classes with Ruby Ryder plus Organic Wine Tasting!




  1. Hey love,
    I wanted to add something to the ever popular ‘how to clean the orifice in question’ subject.
    I use an inexpensive bidet:

    Been using it for several years now and its always effectively rinsed the ass in question. Of course, your ass may vary.
    Much easier than an enema.

    Thanks for all your care,

    1. Yes! Thanks very much for this information – I’m going to announce it on my next podcast! Love the way you said that –

      its always effectively rinsed the ass in question

      1. Water pressure is also a variable — if yours is low it might not, um, finish the job.
        And let’s face it, what wannabe peggee doesn’t enjoy getting squirted up the backside ?
        We’re all kinky in the end.

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