Day 19 Orgasm 22

I still don't understand what it is about beating a man's ass that makes my panties wet.

I know, that's the definition of a sadist, but it continues to make me smile every time it happens. To get specific, not every man I beat gives me that wet panties reaction. Only the men who enjoy it get my juices flowing. It doesn't matter whether he enjoys the pain itself, the endorphin rush or he just wants to please me so he takes the beating he knows I am itching to give him. Any of those scenarios work.

The last one, because he wants to please me, finds a particularly erotic place inside me. A place simultaneously heart-warming and filled with fiery arousal.

Sort of like, oh, that's so sweet that he wants to please me so much that he'll take a beating...

And oh my god that's so fucking hot I really want to fuck this ass that I am warming up to such a beautiful shade of red.

Plus, I love knowing that he'll remember our fun for days afterwards, every time he sits down. Yeah. Love that, too.

Remembering Gorgeous Guy and a time we shared just like that. His particularly beautiful ass, the beating and the amazing fucking I gave him one night.

Sweet memory. Sent me right over the edge.



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