Day 20 Orgasm 23

Despite the somewhat fierce and lovely picture above, I wasn't actually thinking about fucking anyone last night. I was thinking about a very old letter I read in a Penthouse. Man goes to Greece on business. Gets massage. Masseur blatantly touches his asshole. Man schedules another massage, but this time his ass is pre-lubed and warmed up. Masseur discovers lube and slides his thumb into man. Soon afterward, large, hairy Greek masseur fucks small, smooth man on business. Man on business goes home to wife, tells her story and she buys strap-on. Pegging him becomes common foreplay for them.

LOVE the homoerotic stuff, I do.


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  1. Hey Ruby!

    Not sure if you remember but I last wrote to you in January about my unique situation with my younger partner. I believe you read my post in podcasts 96 and 97. Well anyways I wanted to say our relationship is still going very strong! If you remember I spoke about how my bf’s size and stamina issues made for poor PIV sex, and that I had a well hung and very skilled former lover take over that role that my BF could not fulfill. I must admit I was skeptical if our relationship could last long with this dynamic, but its actually gone without too many problems at all! I see my “lover” 2-3 times a week and my BF either stays to watch, or decides to go hang out with friends and do his own thing. We’ve yet to have any jealously issues, and I think thats because this is not something that is done out of humiliation. He simply wants me to have good sex. Now sex is really important in a relationship because it creates all those feelings of closeness and warmth and love. However, we are able to achieve those feelings entirely through pegging. His role as the submissive and my role as the dominant are so strongly rooted in the relationship, so it really is only natural that pegging provides these close feelings between the two of us.

    Now I wanted to comment on this because I had somewhat of a similar event that I witnessed recently. Friday nights are normally spent with my lover. I typically come home from work and my bf, lover, and I all have dinner together before heading off to the bedroom. Sometimes I just want to get to the action right away and I have my lover already naked and waiting in the bedroom, my bf sometimes waits along with him while sitting in the corner. Well the other Friday, I come home expecting to see the two waiting for me in the bedroom. I peeked in to the halfway closed door to find them both standing naked closely together and caressing each other! My lover, whos much taller and bigger than my BF towered over him while feeling him up and softly grabbing his ass. He would slowly spread his cheeks apart and slightly expose his hole before having his hands drift back up the the small of his back. My BF looked up at my lover almost in a trance, in his hand fondled my lover’s cock and balls. It was absolutely incredible, and I just stood there in the shadow of the doorway and watched. They made no other moves, and simply fondled and caressed each other for a good ten minutes. My lover has been with men in the past so I was not surprised with him, though seeing my bf with another man like this was pleasantly shocking! I waited for them to finish up and acted as if I hadn’t seen anything once I walked in. Not sure if it was a one time thing or if my bf wants to take it further, I’ll let him come to me when he makes a decision. But oh man, watching the older hunky super masculine guy stand naked and feel up the gorgeous boyish young guy was so incredibly hot

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