Podcast #107


Pegging Paradise Podcast #107

❤ What happened in Texas? Read my blog.
❤ SCOTUS decision handed down while I was in Austin!
❤ Update from couple (#96 & 97) hot scene with lover and boyfriend
❤ V writes back 1.5 years later (# 81) she's grown into her strap-on
❤ Dress up play time man (#100) elaborate about "not wanting to stop"
❤ Fitness program for good pegging?
❤ Fuze Tango/WeVibe Tango improvement over Tantus Realdoe
❤ He's headed to a brothel for 1st experience. How to prepare?
❤ Germany wonders what the best position is for first timers - from both perspectives
❤ ⇓⇓⇓Pegging Celebration Time!⇓⇓⇓
❤ Long time anal aficionado takes the slow road with his wife, and gets there!
❤ shame discussion - not misogyny, lack of gender neutral

Tantus C-ring
Fuze Tango
WeVibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Cushion for face down relaxed anal foreplay!
Njoy Purewand

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4 Responses

  1. Hello Ruby,

    I wanted to ask about warming up. I am having trouble finding information on the topic. I have listened to every episode and even bought both volumes of bend over boyfriend but, everyone seems to gloss over this step with “start with a finger” and “use a lot of lube.”

    The best advice I could find is to massage the butt until it feels like your butt wants to take your finger in about a centimeter. But, I cannot find any information for after that. What should I be feeling? What signs should i look for my body to give me before moving to a 1
    25 in diameter toy. Should a toy be sliding in and out almost effortlessly before my SO straps it on? Would you be willing to do a pod cast on this?

    Thank you for at least taking the time out of your day to read this request.

    1. Jonathan – sorry for the delay! Looks like it’s going to be Podcast #111. Working on it today.

      My bad! Keeping track of all this is sometimes pretty wild.

      Hoping to have it posted tonight.

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