Podcast #111


Pegging Paradise Podcast #111

❤ He asks - she jumps to the GAY conclusion.
❤ A member of the Houston, Texas Pegging Club says hello! She loves the group.
❤ Guy I offended by my Texas name calling hears my apology and resubscribes
❤ Warming up? He knows it's more than a finger and lube...suggestions?
❤ Finland couple are pegging away - he sent her to my website!
❤ They went from the Share to the Feeldoe Stout. Now wanting a little bigger double?
❤ Couple happily pegging for 10 years! Advise good equipment from the start.
❤ ⇓⇓Pegging Celebration Time!!⇓⇓
❤ He worked up the courage to ask, and it all went pretty well from there!


For anyone questioning whether he is gay...
Orientation Concerns
Nope, Not Gay
Does Pegging Feel Good?

Deep Thinking Links
Jonathan Haidt Ted Talk
Scott Alexander Blog Post

Anal Foreplay For Newbies

Toys for Solo/Couple Anal Foreplay for Pegging
Njoy Purewand
Aneros Vice

Larger Doubles!
Share XL


4 Responses

  1. hi ruby! finally decided to ask my wife to peg me and ive already choose a regular dildo, but want to buy a toy for her pleasure while she peg me; what can you advise me on these?

    1. Two different toys that will provide her more pleasure.
      The Fuze Tango double – if she enjoys clit and G-spot stimulation and likes the feeling of something inside her.

      Another choice is the Fuze singles, which all have a spot for a bullet vibe and offer great clitoral stimulation. The base of these toys is shaped so well – nestles right between the vaginal lips.

      With either one of these, the WeVibe Tango bullet is the very best that money can by and 1000 times superior to the buzzy, cheap bullet vibes that so often come with toys.

      Here are the Fuze toys
      Don’t forget to use the code Ruby for 20% off!

  2. thank you for mentioning my post on foreplay/and how one should move up from one small toy we use to what you consider a good size for beginners with a strap on. Looking forward to your putting out a special to go over this in more detail.

    just recently purchased a 1″ Njoy plug. It is, what i would consider to be, considerably larger than our current .625″ probe. but, my wife suggested trying a plug during PiV. of course that sent me running to the internet. LOL I figured i might take the opportunity to get used to something a bit larger at the same time.

    At any rate, i love your show. It is always a wonderful treat to see a new podcast come up.

    Keep plugging away!

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