Podcast #118

Aslan Jaguar harness with double up cuff holding Ergo Mini

Pegging Paradise Podcast #118

❤ Review of Aslan Leather Double Up cuff for vaginal/anal stimulation while pegging!
❤ Self-identified Butt Slut waxes poetic about pegging!
PCT! He tells the story of how he got to experience the biggest orgasm of his life!
❤ This man sends thanks for podcast #112 and is hopeful she will be game.
❤ He plans to listen to podcast #112 with his wife to re-invigorate her interest in pegging!
❤ Fun Factory Email Fail
❤ He wonders if because she was freaked out when he surprised her with restraints, would she have any interest in pegging?
❤ He asked. She said yes. He bought the equipment. That was 3 months ago. Tapping fingers...
❤ He wants a hollow strap-on for him that will fit his (sizable) erection...Anyone?
❤ His GF loves his big toys and his gaping - he's a happy camper!
PCT! Hot story about mind-blowing first pegging experience!
❤ Married 14 years. Her husband asked her to peg him. She just wants to know - is he gay?


Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness - in Red!!
Aslan Leather Double Up Cuff
Fuze Single Dildos
WeVibe Tango Bullet Vibe

Tantus Ryder Butt Plug
Tantus Amsterdam
Tantus Hoss

Mojo Upgrade! Online relationship tool
Podcast #112 - for the Ladies
Her Strap-on Fears


4 Responses

  1. Hi!

    I am new to pegging and could use help… Recently I bought the fun factory Share (regular size) upon bringing it home I discovered 1.) it will be too big for his ass and 2.) its painful to insert my part and it feels like I need to pee while its in.

    Do you know if the bulb on the share xs is any smaller? Is there anything you can reccomend? I feel terrible buying a 100$ toy We cant use. I cant use it as a dildo because the head is larger than the shaft so it gives me this weird scooping feeling.

    Hes away on vacation and wanted me to suprise him with a toy when he got back.. I wanted something shared because without stimulation like when we try to get into those positions and I jerk him, its really easy for me to “lose altitude” and I quickly feel uncomfortable and disgusted about what Im doing…

    1. The Share bulb (that fits inside of you) is rather large – too large for many women. First of all – the “strapless” dildos are not strapless. Read this.

      Then, if you are more clitorally oriented and not G-spot, I suggest a Fuze Harmony with a Tango bullet vibe to put inside it. But you will still need a harness. The Spare Parts Joque is an excellent choice and will work well with those toys.
      (Use the coupon code Ruby for 20% off!)

      Here’s my question, though…what’s the disgust all about? Can you explain?

  2. Hi Ruby,

    Just a quick wee question for you. When my partner and I were recently choosing our ‘upgrade’ harness, we plumped for the Spareparts Joques over the Aslan Jaguar. We’re overjoyed with it. However the Aslan Double Up cuff looks very intriguing. I wonder, is the Double Up cuff compatible with any other harness? As it looks to require a thong style harness perhaps you or one of your readers/listeners knows of a similar product which may be useable with the Joques?

    Great show as always.
    Have a wonderful festive period.

    Kind regards


    1. The Joque does not have detachable straps, though they are quite adjustable. You cannot fully unthread them. So unfortunately they won’t work on that kind of a harness. 🙁 I should have mentioned that because I did pull out my Joque and check for compatibility…

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