Podcast #120


Pegging Paradise Podcast #120

❤ Spinal nerve damage left him partly numb, ass play brings a whole new world of intense orgasms.
❤ He got liquored up, spilled the beans and now she's using toys on him!!
❤ This young man waxes poetic, philosophical and eloquently about pegging...
❤ She wonders what to call her strap-on without freaking out her boyfriend. Suggestions?
❤ He stood up for pegging in a forum where it was being derided, she messaged him and the rest is history.
❤ They would like to "move away from harnesses". Yeah. Good luck with that.
❤ Mao writes from Central America with his story!
❤ Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't. Help! (link to podcast #116 below)

Podcast #112 - For the Ladies!
Double Dildo for DP
Double-ended Dildos
Aneros Forum
Aneros Prostate Massager
Podcast #116 - suggestions for the woman who is confused and doesn't like pegging all the time


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  1. Titillating and bang on! 🙂

    I think it is a great way to explore and to also introduce among men that there is another perspective out there and that it should be explored. Maybe it will open some minds and make men more sensitive (in various ways).

    You have lucid and well though out replies no your letters / listeners. It was a pleasure to listen to, as always, and perhaps some nice pointers.

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