Day 11, Orgasm 8

My New Bondage Horse...
My New Bondage Horse...

OMG - this was delivered today. I took a delicious slice of time and assembled it per the instructions, and my imagination went absolutely WILD with possible sexual scenarios.

I'll be writing a review for this piece of art when I've had the chance to ahem try it out a bit.

For now I'll just tell you that there are nine points of restraint. Count 'em. Nine.

Can you say helpless? Jesus, just the word makes me squirm a little.

Chicago Man is going to love this piece of furniture. And that's what took me to orgasm land...all the thoughts about what exactly I'm going to do with him...and to him...when I finally have him on my new horse. Spanking, flogging, paddling, and fucking.

Yeah, definitely some fucking.


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