Friday the 13th & Sex Workers?


I have traveled around the internet, looking for  the most coherent and accurate information about sex workers vs sex trafficking that I can find. I keep coming back to Maggie McNeill's blog, and Mistress Matisse's blog.

Some Links for you:

Sex Worker/Sex Trafficking Controversy - Mistress Matisse

Fact Checking Myths About Sex Trafficking - Mistress Matisse

Friday the 13th - Maggie McNeill

If you are concerned about sex trafficking - educate yourself. Discover how sex trafficking is being lumped together with sex work to the detriment of both. Sex work is work. Trafficking is rape.

The International Labor Organization, The World Heath Organization, The United Nations and Amnesty International have all recommended legalization of sex work - for the benefit and safety of both sex workers and sex trafficking victims.

Slowly but surely, public opinion is moving towards decriminalization of sex work. This will only happen when people who know sex workers join forces with them and make their voices heard. LGBT equal rights only came to the forefront when friends and family of those affected spoke up and supported them Same situation here.

Perhaps you cannot lend support in a public voice. If you can't please consider giving to one of these organizations - who were ALL created by and for sex workers:

The significance of Friday the 13th? Every Friday the 13th is a call to friends and family of sex workers to speak out about decriminalization. Only with the community's help will things change. And when they do change it will help law enforcement focus on the true victims of trafficking and allow sex workers to have agency over what they do with their own bodies.

Speak out!!


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