Day 3 Orgasm 2

A Bondage of Fake Pearls


Jesus Christ! Who was this woman?!

Randy just wanted a quick, uncomplicated hookup that night and Harvey's seemed the logical place to score. He'd had good luck there before. He headed down to the pub and tried to discreetly scan the possibilities right after walking in the door. Halfway through his visual sweep and halfway to the bar, there she was. The reddest of lips and a mischievous, amused look on her face. Miranda stared boldly at him with an expression that told him he'd been caught checking out all the women. Her smile said there was nothing wrong with that, though. That's what Harvey's had a reputation for. Looking to get laid? Come on down.

She crooked a finger at him and patted the bar stool next to her. She was alone. He sat down next to her and halfway into the second drink it felt inevitable that they would end up in bed together. And they did. But before they left the bar, Miranda had a strange request.

"Just don't fucking talk to me, okay? I am so damn tired of all the talk. Just pretend I speak a different language - one you don't know. Okay? Do that for me and I'll happily take you back to my house for some fun."

Well that was certainly different. That was the moment when Randy started talking to Jesus and wondering what Miranda's deal was. But he didn't let that stop him.

Her house. A sumptuous canopy bed surrounded by flowing white curtains. In his buzzed state, it felt like a dream to Randy. Miranda took off Randy's clothes and made out with him for a while in that cocoon of cozy passion. Then she pushed him back on the pillows, stripped down to her fake string of pearls, slipped a condom on him (that she seemed to pull out of nowhere), climbed right up onto his cock, and rode him! Randy loved aggressive women.

Ride him she did.There was a moment when he was close to coming. Miranda could tell from his breathing and his muscles starting to tighten. She stopped moving on top of him and wagged her finger at him while shaking her head, wordlessly. Randy nodded in understanding. He had decent control. He could do this. She continued riding him until she came, trembling and moaning. He was still hard. She smiled her appreciation.

Miranda rolled off of him and pulled his face into her pussy, forcing him to taste her juices, tainted by a slight condom flavor. He didn't mind. He loved eating women out. But she didn't give him long before she pushed him onto his back again. She hopped off the bed and pulled a harness and dildo out of her dresser drawer, and cinched it down on her hips while she gave him a one-sided smile.

This wasn't Randy's first rodeo, but pegging and one night stands usually didn't go together. He hadn't exactly prepared for this. He held his finger up in the universal one moment please sign and scampered off to the bathroom. Five minutes later he returned, cleaned out, cock soft, no condom, and bearing a towel, which he laid down underneath himself, resuming his position on his back.

Miranda smiled and nodded her thanks. She took some lube and started to play with Randy's cock, which quickly responded. Then she did an odd thing. She took off her fake pearls and put them around the head of Randy's cock, almost like mini reins.

Randy wouldn't think it was odd later, as Miranda fucked him with his legs in the air. He would think it was fucking brilliant as Miranda slid her sparkly purple cock into him over and over as she tightened those pearls around the head of his cock little by little until he wasn't sure which sensation was going to overwhelm him first, the pleasure of his fucking or the pain of his cock in bondage. A bondage of fake pearls.


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