Podcast #143


Pegging Paradise Podcast #143

❤ He found a way for her to come inside him, kind of.  A friend was involved!
❤ She tried it. She just doesn't like it. That's okay.
❤ The 3rd time, she stepped up the kink!
❤ Hopeful Pegee wonders about pegging with back pain?
❤ Looking for a pegging class or sex coach on So Florida for first time
❤ Equipment question - he "wants her to get something out of it, too"
❤ Figging Tease
❤ Revisiting pegging - her idea this time! Toys in mail.
❤ Figging and more - a masochist tells his story...




Pegging Classes in Long Beach October 9th


Podcast #112 For the Ladies

Beginning Anal Play For Couples

Reddit - Pegging_Unkinked

Podcast #100 jalapeño lube

Dildos That Offer Stimulation For Her

Fuze Tango Double

Fuze Harmony

Fuze Wilde

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe

Men's Toys for Self-Pleasure

Loki wave


Lelo Hugo

Shock Rocker

Pegging With Back Pain


2 Responses

  1. Maybe I’m too into anal toys, but this sure looks like fun for guys as well 😉 and to think I thought the Rocker was legend of old. Thanks for bring it to our attention!

    1. I was actually given one by the company for a guy to test (next best thing to pegging?). The rocker has been tested once so far (a kinky friend, so no great story to tell cause I wasn’t there), and that review will be coming soon. I’d like another guy to test it one more time before writing the review…soliciting unsuspecting victims.

      Eventually I will use it. Doesn’t call to me, though. For me, penetration is best done with a hard cock attached to an awesome man, and I’m on a break from those atm. 🙂

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