Day 10 Orgasm 13

When I write erotica, I'm sure some of you wonder how much of it is true. Is this my story, or fictional? Like any good writer, I pull parts of my stories from all over the place. Part may have been my own personal experience, or something someone wrote me, or something I saw in a movie. Anywhere and everywhere. A gesture, a few words spoken a certain way. Things grab me and I write about them.

This piece, however, is all my experience. A first date with a play partner. We did play, once. It was quite fun. And then he disappeared. So the story I began doesn't deserve to be fully fleshed out and finished, because it is tinged with disappointment. This moment, however, was exquisite.

His lips pulled away from mine and I heard him say, "You're a good kisser!" There was surprise in his voice and his eyes, and it thrilled me. Because I felt exactly the same.

"....So are you!" A touch of wonder in my voice. He smiled. Our lips came together again, in an effortless and playful dance. Our kissing styles matched. Because that's what you really mean when you say that someone has good taste, or that they are a good kisser. We match, that's what you are saying. Matching feels like magic. Everything just works. The basics are all covered, so the finessing is what's left.

I heard him moan softly into our kiss and felt him hard against me. I moved my leg between his and leaned in to his cock, pressing against him.

What a sweet ending to a promising first date. Yes! This is what I'd been hoping for. The conversation had been excellent, the chemistry was there, so all that was left was the kiss. Because the kiss is always the tell. This man had finesse far beyond his years in the way his lips and tongue slowly met mine. He clearly understood anticipation and pacing.

We kissed for a while in that parking lot. After dinner, I'd walked him to his car, pushed him against it, and kissed him goodnight. The role reversal fucked with his head. I particularly enjoyed that part.

He sent a text later about how hot it was that I pushed him up against his car to kiss him. I just smiled.

I was going to enjoy fucking this young man. Oh yes.


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  1. What a shame he dissapeared. Would have been interesting to read how it could have developed. He lost the chance to get to know a fine lady.

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