Day 9 Orgasm 11

Feeling good that I am ahead of the curve in terms of orgasms and days. Yay! And after all this masturbation my clit and vagina are just a bit sensitive, which feels great. Almost like when I start masturbating I smile when I feel the sensitivity and think - oh yeah, I had a great time last night...

This morning before sleep found me I enjoyed more gay porn. They were standing up and fucking in front of a window. The guy being fucked jerked off and shot his come all over the window just before his partner came deep in his ass. That's all it took to send me into orgasm land. 🙂

Surprise fucking. That what she loved. Surprising him when he least expected it and fucking him until he begged her to stop, which was usually after he came and got too sensitive to take it any more. That is what frosted her cake.

She was ready for him the moment he walked in the door. They woke early Saturday morning and were bemoaning the lack of coffee; they were out. He offered to walk the block to the local coffee shop and bring it back so that she could have her coffee in bed, one of her favorite things to do on a Saturday morning.

As soon as she heard the door shut she sprang out of bed and gathered her equipment.

When he walked in she was waiting for him, standing there right by the door in nothing but her strap-on.

His jaw dropped open and she took both coffees from him, setting them on the entry table.

"What...?" He still hadn't gotten used to these surprises.They'd been dating 6 months and he spent every weekend at her place. She always seemed to take him unawares with the fucking him stuff. Jesus.

"Time for your fucking, my sweet!" She sounded positively gleeful.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him behind the couch, where she'd spread a blanket over it. Unceremoniously, she unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles along with his briefs. He was hobbled by his skinny leg jeans. She turned him around and pushed him over the back of the couch, his ass in the air.

Her fingers entered into his ass smoothly. He moaned. He couldn't help it. His ass was totally on board but his mind was trying to adjust. He'd just walked through the door a minute ago!

Her cock nudged against his hole.

"Let me in, sweetheart..." She pushed insistently at his sphincter while he took a deep breath and relaxed.

Mmmmm. To the hilt. Almost too fast but still amazing. Full.

"Oh! Jesus, babe! Slow down!"

"What? You love getting fucked!" She started pumping in and out of his ass hard and fast, making his legs tremble while pleasure shot through his body.

She grabbed his wrists and held them behind his back while she fucked him mercilessly...just the way he loved to be taken. Exactly the way his ass craved. She was like a damn piston for the next 5 minutes until he yelled and shot come all over the blanket. This is what always sent her over her edge, and she didn't stop fucking him, didn't even slow down. Because now it was all about her.

His ass was so sensitive that he got louder and louder as she continued. The mix of pleasure and pain was exquisite. He so wanted her to stop, and if he'd been in control, the ass fucking would have come to an abrupt halt while he enjoyed the last spasms of his orgasm. But the way she kept fucking him was a delicious torture that he'd learned to bear for her. There were parts of it he loved, like the part where she came.

"Oh...fuck!" There she went, shaking and moaning against him, still thrusting into him.

"Please, stop! Please! Ahhh!" He always begged her. Every time. It felt like he would fucking short circuit somehow if she didn't stop.

When she finally did, he was limp and whimpering. Overwhelmed.

"Ahhh!" She pulled her toy out with a pop, as if he needed any more stimulation. Fuck!

She took off her strap-on and threw it on the blanket.

He stepped out of his jeans, breathing hard and trembling. She took his hand and led him to bed. They lay down together facing each other and she took him in her arms. His leg was between hers and she rubbed her wetness on him, enjoying the slippery feel. She reached around him to his ass and played with his asshole, still wet with lube. He made small noises of protest as the sensation threatened to take him back to overwhelm. But she just tapped it gently and circled the opening, over and over. He felt himself relax into it and melted in her arms.

He started drifting, it felt so relaxing. Then he felt his cock lurch and start to get hard again. That was unexpected. She kept it up and grabbed his cock with her other hand, squeezing it and teasing the head. His erection came back with a vengeance.

She pushed him onto his back and mounted him, sliding his cock into her hot pussy, still filled with her come from a little while ago.

She rode him until he came, and played the same game with him again. She needed at least 20 more strokes to get off and continued riding him hard to come again. She leaned forward and grabbed his hands, holding them down while she fucked him.

He was practically screaming with each stroke when finally she came.

Jesus Christ he loved the way she fucked him. Each time he didn't know if he could take it, but he always came out the other side, balls drained, his whole body alive, and snuggled in her arms.

Two cups of coffee cooled down on the entry table, forgotten.


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  1. It is easier but you still have to be careful. He can get over excited and then suddenly it’s down your throat and gagging kicks in. Not fun. But it’s a good position.

  2. why our g-spots are up our ass is a big mystery!?
    But, I agree, just the word penetration is Hot and makes me drool.
    The best orgasm ever, waaaay beyond any BJ orgasm by far.
    thanks for reminding me just how great it is.

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