Day 8 Orgasm 10


Well, well. During Masturbation Month you get a bit more of an inside view into Ruby's life.

Yummy man? The very man I was so looking forward to playing with today? The one I have been actually getting off thinking about playing with today? ...Appears to have ghosted me.

He and I set up this date a week ago. I tried to confirm last night - no dice. Silence. Nothing since. Nothing

We all get to choose who we want to play with, how we want to play and when. Common courtesy dictates communicating these choices to your FWB. Change your mind? Tell them. Chemistry not quite right? Tell them. Meet someone? Tell them. Get too busy with work? Tell them. Get scared because kink is new and you need to go more slowly? Tell them. Just fucking tell them, for fuck's sake. Be a fully functioning adult. Sigh.

You know, I go through phases. Sometimes I love the hunt. I love the excitement, the possibilities and the planning. Other times, the return on investment of time spent creating and nurturing a FWB connection is simply not sufficient when they disappear soon after play starts.

When a FWB partner disappears, I work hard not to go to a place of feeling like there is something wrong with me. I realize I am not perfect, but I bring a shit ton to the table. And I know it can feel overwhelming to be with someone who says what she sees, is honest, open and doesn't shy away from talking about the stuff that most people only fantasize about. *Shrugs* That's who I am.

And in the wee hours of the morning I had a rollicking orgasm while thinking about playing with the sweet ass of the lovely man...who never showed up today.


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