Day 7 Orgasm 9

Rain fell today, soft and gentle. Not even enough to hear it from inside the house. Crawling out of bed was difficult. Cozy covers cuddled me, perhaps not like a partner, but it still felt good. And orgasms called to more! Come on...just one more!

So I indulged, taking my time. I didn't have to be anywhere until 2pm, so I had plenty of time to play. Since I don't worship a higher power, why not do some self-worship?

Out came the Njoy Purewand. My G-spot was happy with that decision. So happy. I straightened out the ever-useful G-Kii and used it on my clit. But I took my time. By the time I came, I was loud, thankfully in an empty house.

What was going through my mind?

Hmmm. A man who was in my life for a short time, not nearly long enough. He had a knack with my G-spot. Good times.

Bailey signed for the package and closed the door. Yes! Finally it was here. She made short work of the box and lifted out their new toys. A soft deep pink leather harness and a large purple dildo. She was impressed by the dildo, it was bigger than she expected!

She grabbed her phone and sent a text to Jack.

The toys arrived! 😉

He responded quickly.

Yes! Was hoping they'd come do we get to play tonight? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease?

LOL - I'll call Lisa and find out! (fingers crossed)

They'd planned a threesome with Lisa to break in the new purchases.

Jack's cock was getting hard just thinking about it. Good thing he was sitting behind a desk. He kept checking for new texts, unable to work.

Bailey dialed Lisa's number.

"Hey, Lis! The toys are here! Are you free tonight?"

"Oh fuck yes!! I'll be there at 7, K? You two better be ready for me." Lisa sounded stoked. Her deep voice was so fucking sexy. There was nothing about that woman that she and Jack didn't adore...and want to devour.

"Of course! I'm so excited! I'm already wet..." They'd planned this what felt like forever ago, but was in actuality just last week.

"I want you both naked, on the bed, asses in the air and clean as a whistle, understood?"

"Mmmm. Yes, Ma'am." Bailey squirmed at the thought. She couldn't wait to watch Lisa fuck Jack.

"Okay sweetie - see you soon!"

She texted Jack as soon as she hung up with Lisa.

We are on for 7, handsome!

Yes!! I'm so hard right now. But we have to wait another 5 hours! I can't WAIT to watch her fuck you!

We are both in for a hell of a good fucking, my love. She's the best.

She knew Lisa could handle a strap-on with expertise; they'd been a couple a few years back until Lisa moved away for a job. She and Jack had run into Lisa unexpectedly at a local bar a last week and the chemistry between all three of them had been off the charts. They'd kissed each other goodbye over and over that night, feeling each other up in the parking lot.

Lisa called the next day and invited them out to dinner. They ate their sushi slowly, and discussed all the fucking they wanted to do together; the different combinations, positions, penetrations and toys involved. So damn hot.

During dessert Lisa spontaneously burst out with, "Oh my God - I just want to fuck you both! Long and deep and soft and hard...Until I'm dripping with sweat, and I make you both come all over the bed!"

Bailey and Jack looked at each other and nodded.

"Yes. We say YES to that!" Jack said, locking eyes with Lisa. "So what do we need to make this happen?"

They ordered the strap-on and dildo that night, huddling around Jack's phone and making the decisions together.

The sushi restaurant parking lot scene was scandalous. Bailey dropped to her knees and put her head under Lisa's skirt, knowing she had no panties on. Lisa had Jack's cock out of his jeans, stroking it while they kissed. Lisa moaned from Bailey's attentions.

They managed to pull themselves apart after nearly getting caught by a couple walking to their car. They promised to call Lisa as soon as the toys arrived.And that day had come. So, soon, would they.

Naked, asses in the air. Bailey pictured that as her fingers played with the wetness between her legs. She gave herself one quick orgasm just to take the edge off. She came just before Jack, who had decided to rub out a quick one in the men's bathroom.

Lisa remembered kissing Jack while Bailey's tongue teased her and grabbed her vibrator, bringing herself to orgasm so fast it took her breath away. She was going to have fun tonight!

7 o'clock couldn't arrive fast enough for any of them...


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