Day 11 Orgasm 14 – Happy Birthday!!!

7 Years!!!

Happy Birthday to Pegging Paradise

Seven years ago on this very day, I posted my very first blog post!

Seven years later, I am happily blogging, teaching and podcasting, feeling so blessed to be able to love my work and pursue my passions.

Thank you all. Without you readers and listeners, all my efforts would mean little. I am honored to have been your source of pegging information, inspiration, comfort, reassurance and titillation for seven straight years!

Guess what? I have a surprise for everyone this year.

From 12:00AM PST May 13th to 11:59PM PST May 14th, you will find a link here on Pegging Paradise as well as on Patreon that contains 10 erotic pegging stories for your enjoyment and masturbatory inspiration!

I'm going to post the stories up during the weekend to give you more time to read them. Because it seems a bit cruel to offer up 10 stories and expect everyone to read them on a weekday after work, right? I wouldn't want to feel responsible if you got caught sneaking a peek at sexy stories during work. Nor would I want to tempt you to cast aside all your responsibilities and sink into a collection of erotica for the day, as lovely as that sounds.

So this weekend it is!! Just log in and enjoy, first thing Saturday morning.

My husband told me he wanted to suck a cock. I knew the feeling. Sometimes it was just the perfect thing to have in my mouth, so I wasn't surprised he felt the same way. He'd been sucking my strap-on for 2 years now, and had hinted that he'd love to try the real thing. A couple of months ago I started to take him seriously. This was new territory for us, and we approached it deliberately and carefully. We talked it over and over, inside and out, until we felt pretty comfortable with the idea and how it would play out.

It wasn't difficult to find a third. There were plenty of men on Craigslist and Grindr looking for blowjobs. I acted as the interface and explained the situation. First time same gender experience, he wanted me there for support, he wanted a cock to suck! I eliminated the men who were too uncomfortable with me being there, and wanted reassurances that I was going to strictly be a voyeur. Finally I found a hot, smart bisexual guy who asked, instead, if I'd be joining in and would he get to do anything with me, too? Score.

The 3 of us met for dinner, and confirmed that the chemistry was good, we weren't axe murderers, we were sane, and we were serious. Our third walked us to our car after dinner and kissed my husband goodbye while grinding against him. I watched them make out for a bit, feeling my panties get wet. Fucking hot. After pulling away from my husband, he offered me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. This guy had class as well as good sense. My husband was the focus here, I'd made that clear. Our third was already carefully following that rule.

Hubby and I went home that night after dinner and fucked for hours with the excitement of our plans.

Three days later, late one evening, there was a knock on the door. There stood our third, with flowers and wine, no less. He handed the flowers to my husband and the wine to me and we all laughed.

Just 30 minutes later, after lots of heavy flirting and an empty wine bottle, we all moved to the bedroom.

So much kissing and caressing, in all directions! Over the wine, we had talked about how much we all enjoyed kissing and touch. That translated into delicious action once we were all naked. It all felt so natural and so comfortable. We'd made a great choice for our third; totally hit the jackpot. And he certainly seemed to be having a good time.

Nothing compared, however, to the moment when my husband placed his lips on his first cock and I slid my strap-on deep into his ass. Nothing. It was, in a word, exquisite.

Watching my husband make his first cock come and take that load down his throat was a close second.

What sent me over the edge was fucking him so hard he came just from me pumping my toy into his ass, Jesus that was hot.

Now, every time he sucked on my strap-on, I was going to press the replay button in my head and see our third bucking with pleasure, his hands on the back of my husband's head, as he exploded down the throat of the man who just gave his first blow job.

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