Day 5 Orgasm 6 & 7

What makes me happy this morning? The blinking light of a recharging sex toy! (the G-Kii)

I drink my coffee, glance over at the blinking light occasionally, and smile.

Masturbation Month is making me a happy Ruby.

He smoothed his apron and adjusted the bow in the back. She would be home soon. The kitchen was clean and the bathroom was sparkling. He'd managed all that without getting dirty. The sheer white lace apron was spotless, and his white stockings held up by the red garter belt had nary a run or smudge. He'd learned to do this so well! Pride filled him. He knew she'd be pleased. A glance at the clock told him she'd be home in 5 minutes.

This was their Sunday routine. She went out to brunch with her girlfriends. He dressed before she left and offered himself for her approval, wearing only the apron, garter belt, stockings and red high heels. She locked his chastity cage on him before she left, put him over her lap and gave him a sound spanking. The feel of her hand waking up his ass with slaps always made his cock hard and uncomfortable in the cage, and he loved the sensation. Once his ass was nice and red, she kissed him goodbye and left for brunch.

His job was to make sure the kitchen and bathroom were clean by the time she returned. She would inspect his work, and he's get paddled with her hairbrush for mistakes. The paddling was difficult to take, and usually left marks for a few days. She didn't like mistakes. Besides, the more perfect his work was, the sooner he got fucked, so he had a lot of incentive to get it just right.

He slipped the socks off his feet, put them in the laundry and slid the red heels back on. She didn't know he cheated by not wearing the heels while he cleaned, but high heels were fucking uncomfortable! As long as he looked perfect when she arrived home, he knew she'd be happy.

The cage pressed on his cock and he smiled. He wasn't allowed to come Fridays or Saturdays, no matter whether they had sex or not. On those days his orgasms were forbidden. When Sunday arrived he was always in a state of wanting, and the sensation of her putting his cock into the cage and then spanking him thrilled him,and  kept him on edge.

He went to the bedroom and covered the bed with a blanket, laying out her strap-on harness and largest dildo next to a bottle of lube. They had discovered through experimentation that 2 days with no orgasms combined with the cage and spanking resulted in a hands-free orgasm for him, but only if she fucked him with their largest toy. The sensation of having an orgasm while his cock was caged was like nothing he'd ever experienced. In fact, his Sunday duties and subsequent reward were satisfying on such a deep level he couldn't wait for the day to come every week.

He heard the garage door open and immediately his cock filled the cage uncomfortably.

He loved Sundays.

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