Upcoming Interviews! SO Excited…

This weekend I am attending a conference in LA called CatalystCon. It is a sexuality conference, full of sex-positive people, sex geeks, sex educators, sex therapists, and sex workers of all gender identifications and sexual orientations. Every time I attend this conference I come away so inspired about so many things.

This year I am excited and inspired about a few things, but let me tell you about the two at the top of the list!

Some of you may know that I spent 4 years as a moderator on the reddit pegging group. During that time, a post appeared by a young man who has a distinct claim to fame in the pegging world.

First let me backtrack for those of you who were unaware. Dan Savage heard from one of his readers some years ago that while there was a name for every other sexual act, there was no word for a female fucking a male with a strap-on. That was this young man! Subsequently a contest was held and the word pegging was the winner.

So I wrote him, we connected, I asked if he'd like to do an interview sometime and he said yes! Though I put it on the back burner for a while, I am actively pursuing this for the (hopefully very) near future.

So that's the first thing I am excited about. Now the second...

Here at the conference, I met and chatted with Dr. Robert Lawrence, who was in the original "Bend Over Boyfriend" movies with his partner Carol Queen. These two are movers and shakers in the field of sexuality, promoting sex-positive attitudes everywhere they go and much, much more. Robert has agreed to do an interview! Color me quite excited. He shared with me the story of the first strap-on he ever bought.I'll make sure that story is told during our interview, too...

For those of you who might be interested in going to CatalystCon next year, it will be held in May, so now is the time to put it on the calendar!


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