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This is my Mantra in life:

In each and every moment, we all have the choice to either expand with love or contract with fear.

I try to let those words guide me, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Where did I find this mantra? In a little book called the 'The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment', about 35 years ago. I paraphrased it, but kept the intent.

That's my Mantra. So what's my Mission?

If I were to distill down my Mission in this life, it would look like this:

I am here to spread more pleasure in this world, by teaching interested people how to add one more thing to their sexual treasure chest of choices; Pegging.

Teaching is my passion, especially teaching about delicious, exciting and erotic things that have the potential to take couples to a deeper level of intimacy, and find pleasures they didn't know existed!

Lately I got to take my Mantra and interlace it with my Mission, with way cool results.

Thus far, teaching people about pegging has been limited to people who live close enough to attend my classes. Traveling as a sex educator is not financially feasible. But there are people all over the world who want to learn about pegging.

Enter my Webinars!

Recently I started doing webinar classes on Pegging. The learning curve has been a little wild at times, but I'm really enjoying it. Less interaction than in person classes, yet I reach more people this way, and spread my knowledge further.

As my practice classes become smoother and smoother, the inevitable question presents itself; how much will I charge for these webinars? They take time and energy, but have little overhead, no travel, and I love teaching, remember?

I pondered that for quite a while. I really did. I mean - there's a part of me that would love to eliminate the pay wall and just offer the information to whomever seeks it. That is expanding with love, right? But then there's the pretty well-known phenomena of people not valuing something they don't pay for. And I do have bills to pay, too. A conundrum.

After much thought, here's what I decided to do. We'll see how it works...

Receivers: You will be asked for a $15 donation for the class. Don't let lack of funds to keep you away; just email me for a free ticket.

Givers: You will be admitted to the class at no charge. Why? I want to encourage more givers in the pegging world. Just email me for a ticket.

If you love the work I'm doing and would like to help support me in making this available to the world, please consider making a one-time donation, or becoming a Patron of mine (and enjoy the 24/7 pegging chat room, among other things...!) over at Patreon.

This is my way of expanding with love for all you kinky people interested in pegging, everywhere!


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