Day 16 – Rick Has a Moment

Carrie stumbled a little as they were walking out of the restaurant.

"You okay, babe?" Rick grabbed her elbow to steady her and then offered his arm to hold onto as they walked the rest of the way to their car.

"Yeah. It's just these heels. I love the way they look, but they aren't the easiest to walk in." Carrie replied.

"You sure it's not the wine?" His tone was teasing. She laughed.

"No, not the wine. Believe me, heels aren't easy. It's like you're walking on this tiny little spot and trying to pretend it's a solid foundation. As pretty as they look, heels are crazy."

"I do love those heels on you. You look stunning in them, sweetheart." He smiled at her. When they reach the car, he escorted her to the passenger's side and opened the door for her, admiring his wife's beautiful legs as she slid into the seat.

He shut her door and walked around the car, getting in. Rick was a petite, athletic guy. He'd done a lot of gymnastics in college and had great balance. Perhaps it was that experience that prompted him to open his mouth and utter the next sentence, which would forever change his life.

"They can't be that hard to walk in, can they?" Clearly he'd been considering this further, the way his engineer's mind usually did. In those few moments it took him to walk around the car and get in, he'd thought about the physics of the problem as well as assumed bodily capabilities.

"Oh yes they can!" Carrie asserted. "You have no idea, Rick!"

He was quiet for a moment.

"You need to put a pair on and see for yourself." She challenged him. "Seriously! We wear about the same size shoe. I know I have a pair that will fit you..." Now her tone was cajoling.

"Well...I don't know about that." He demurred, then considered. Experiential learning was usually the best. And it sounded like sexy fun, if he was honest with himself.

"Okay! Challenge accepted!" Why not, he thought.

Carrie grinned. This was going to be so much fun!

When they arrived home, Carrie stripped down to her panties, leaving her heels on for effect. She insisted Rick get in the bath, because 'no one wears heels without shaving their legs first'. He leaned back into the hot water as she shaved his legs for him. Rick felt attended to and pampered, and...kind of weird. He'd never done anything like this before. Never! Carrie overrode his occasional protestations, reassuring him, making it all lighthearted, fun, and supposedly part of the challenge.

She went through a few razor blades before achieving smooth skin from Rick's ankles to his crotch.

When she was finished, Rick couldn't believe how soft his skin felt! He kept running his hands over his now hairless legs, and after he dried off, Carrie gave him some vanilla-scented lotion to moisturize them.

"Okay, finish with that lotion. I'm gonna go look for just the right shoes for you."

The feel of all this was no longer a challenge, Rick realized. It was like a treat, like something special. He liked it. A lot. He looked at his legs in the mirror. Wow. Who knew those legs were under that hair all this time!

"I found them, Honey!" Carrie's voice floated into the bathroom.

He found Carrie sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed with a pair of silver platform heels. There were several shoe boxes sitting around her that she'd pulled from under the bed.

"Put these on." She handed Rick the heels and he admired them. Sitting on the bed, he slipped each one on and fastened the straps around his ankles.  Another wow moment happened inside his head.

Carrie intuitively reached right into his head and brought it straight out into the room.

"Wow, Rick! Your legs are gorgeous!" He laughed self-consciously.

"They kind of are, aren't they!" He giggled a bit and didn't know what else to say.

"So now...the moment of truth, my smart-ass husband who thinks heels are no big deal to walk in.  Stand up and walk around for me." Carrie leaned back to watch, a smile on her face.

The moment Rick stood up he knew he'd vastly underestimated the situation and he laughed. The majority of his weight was on the balls of his feet, but those feet were at such a strange angle that his balance felt quite insecure. The tiny spike heel felt like an afterthought, not even part of the formula.

He walked awkwardly around the room with mincing steps and returned to Carrie.

"Okay, you win. This is much more difficult that I thought it would be!"

"Right?!" She laughed and retrieved something at her side, holding up a pair of her ruffled satin panties.

"Now put these on." She held them out to him and he didn't take them right away.

"....What?" He wasn't sure where this was going. More importantly, he wasn't sure how he felt about it. Part of him felt ridiculous. Part of him felt sexy. The sexy part feared exposure.

"Dude! I won. Put the panties on!" Okay. Acting like he was mollifying her, he did it. He grabbed the panties as if it were a supreme imposition and exhaled in what he hoped sounded like just a bit of disgust.

He very carefully put one shoe at a time through the panty legs, realizing that without his gymnast's flexibility and balance, he would never have been able to pull it off.

Rick began sliding the panties up his silky smooth legs, and had a moment. Looking down at his feet in those sexy silver heels, feeling the satin of the panties caressing his skin as he pulled them up over his ass and cock, he was transported to a different world. A feminine world where he was somehow sexier and everything felt silkier, smoother, and softer.

Carrie watched this moment happen to Rick and silently rejoiced. Then she had a moment of her own.

Her panties were soaked, and she wanted nothing more than to throw her man face down on the bed, pull down those sexy panties just far enough, spread his smooth legs wide and fuck his perfect ass hard enough to make him kick those silver heels into the air.


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