Day 20 – Naked in the Kitchen

So many female dominant stories! Yeah, well, that's what you get with me....especially when the reins are a little more off than on, which by necessity is the definition of May, every year.

I love a naked man in my kitchen.

Absolutely love it!

It warms my heart to know that he is there, doing for me, cooking something yummy, preparing it with care and serving it to me. I enjoy him filling my wine glass, asking if I have everything I need, and pampering me.

I confess that I do my best to distract him and turn him on. That's part of the fun for me. I feel free to play with his naked body at the slightest whim. I like to watch him 'cooking while hard' and will help facilitate that, actually. I call him over just before he takes things out of the oven, or pours my wine, and wrap my lips around his cock until it's a very happy cock. Then I shoo him away to continue his kitchen duties, his cock waving and dripping.

The next time I call him over I might caress his balls while we kiss. Basically it's one long tease. And the food isn't the focus, so small plates are the order of the day.

I've tried reading a book while this scene is happening in my kitchen. Yeah, that was a failure. There's no way I'm going to be looking at anything except...the naked man in my kitchen. Duh. I have no interest in playing like I am disinterested. I'm not.

I'm very interested. So interested that I swear, one of these days I'm going to open my robe and have my smallest toy all strapped on and ready for action. I'm going to bend him over the counter, maybe with his oven mitts still on. I'll dip a finger into the coconut oil on the counter, put it on my toy and sink it firmly inside him. Repeatedly.

I won't care if the food burns. I won't care if he's not quite ready for my invasion of his ass; it's a small toy. I'll ride his ass there in my kitchen until his moans fill the air along with the sounds of my thighs slapping against his ass. And I won't care when I reach around and tease his cock, and he shoots all over the side of the cabinets and the floor.

Cleanup is part of the job.


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