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❤ Patreon Update
❤ Pegging Survey for dissertation!
❤ He sees pegging as destroying manliness, and tells me why
❤ Her husband wants to suck a cock, so she's sure he will love pegging...
❤ He shares his ideas on dommes, submissives, and looking for pegging
❤ He shares a short but sweet thought about pegging
❤ Two guys shares their thoughts about prostate orgasm
❤ She wants to peg Josh, an alpha male. Advice?
❤ One more view on the stomach/testicle pain after prostate play (#195)
❤ Another Ruby Love Letter to cheer me up
❤ He shares his views on complete female dominance
❤ Having trouble with the Minx and the right O-ring to hold their toys
❤ He craves a hands-free self-fucking experience
❤ He shares his joy about, and thoughts on, being bisexual
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ Pegging, shower fun and an all-around enviable sex life!
❤ Another Ruby Love Letter to cheer me up


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Pegging Survey - Dulcinia Pitagora
Newbie Information For Men
Pegging 101
Podcast #112
Short review of cheap Chinese fucking machine on podcast #167

Stabilizer Ring
Cheap Chinese fucking machine
Shock Rocker
G-Force Handle Dildo
Goddess Handle Dildo
Echo Handle Dildo
Anaconda Handle Dildo


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for reading my post on your podcast. My wife said nobody would believe our amazing sexlife at nearly 50. Adding pegging has made it even more fantastic.
    Are 5+hour pegging sessions normal? Wife had her first orgasam while pegging me last night . It was very exciting and extremely erotic.

  2. Letter regarding, “He shares his ideas on dommes, submissives, and looking for pegging”. Although he expressed his perspective from his personal point of view, his devotion to women is commendable. I suspect that some women could benefit and delight in a man like him.

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