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Are you curious about the potential pleasure just waiting for you in your own ass? Have you recently discovered that pleasure and now you want to explore the world of pegging? Here is a collection of information for all you men who want to learn more about this amazing addition to your sexual treasure chest of choices! It's all about the pleasure...

The Basics About Pegging

Frequently Asked Questions

Newbie Solo Ass Play

To the Awesome Ass Men

Where Can I Find a Woman to Peg Me?


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  1. I love all of the pegging that this website has to offer. Thank you

    1. My pleasure! Take a webinar!

  2. I want to try

    1. Excellent! I would suggest some solo play to start….

  3. ive toyed around with anal play by myself, and ive always been excited about anal stimulation. weather it be with a woman with a strap on, or a guy. either which sounds good to me. BUT im more keen on a woman penertrating me, its just finding the right woman to do so… any suggestions? because id love to be in a long term relationship with a female who fucks my asshole.

    1. I offer a webinar that gives you all the information I have about how to find a partner for pegging, whether you are looking for a relationship, NSA, or a pro.

      All the best,

  4. ruby, i wanna thank you for this blog lady and i have a question regarding pegging cause i did it once and i am a bit conflicted about it, make no mistake i loved it contrary to what i thought before that.

    1. I read this and responded on my latest podcast, #246
      Here’s the link:
      Thanks for the comment!
      All the Best,

  5. Ruby,

    I click the link to “Write to ruby” and get a message that reads

    [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]

    When I have time I would like to share my journey and how much this site has helped. Is there an email address I can write to directly? Forgive me if this is posted somewhere.

    1. The plugin needs to be fixed. 🙁
      You can always write to 🙂
      Sorry for the trouble – getting it fixed soon!

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