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❤ Patron/Donation update
❤ No Foria - Ruby got sick. 🙁
❤ He wonders if he will drug test positive if his wife uses cannabis lube?
❤ He was outed by his wife to their friends...it turns him on! Anyone else?
❤ Singapore young man is confused by his arousal at my website material
❤ He reports on a bad toy from Love Honey. 🙁
❤ Heartbroken male sub looking for advice how to get over breakup
❤ He's got questions about cleaning out and longer toys
❤ He got shot down by his wife, what now?
❤ Self-diagnosed porn addict discovers prostate play cures addiction
❤ She sends me a love letter ❤


Reddit post about false positive drug tests with CBD use
Solo Anal Play
Safety Rules for Anal Play
Toxic Toy Information
Eden Fantasys Toy Material Safety Index
FetLife group: "By her Side: Men Who Submit to Dominant Women
Reddit Group SubSanctuary
Podcast #112 - For the Women
Dr. David Ley on Sex and Porn Addiction
Dr. David Ley on the NoFap Movement

Pure for Men - supplement to keep yourself clean and ready to fuck

2 Responses

  1. I got interested in anal play she always wanted to
    Finger my ass I was always against it till I had a anal multiple orgasm first orgasm ever now all of
    A sudden I’m weird??? Am I normal????

    1. You are just as normal as all the other men who have found pleasure in anal stimulation! Have her listen to this:
      I recorded a podcast for women to listen to after introducing them to the idea of pegging.
      It address all the usual fears and misconceptions, offers accurate information and emphasizes the relationship, not trying to convince. You need to listen to it first because only you can decide if it is appropriate for your partner. So far, this podcast has gotten rave reviews!

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