Ruby’s Boobs! A Celebration.

Ruby's Boobs
Ruby's Boobs

Ruby's Boobs! For your pleasure and perusal.

I'm celebrating, by doing something I have never done; putting up a naked pic of myself on the internet!

Got shut down by my host for using 112% of the 'shared' server that I was supposed to only have 25% of. (Heh Heh. Kinda proud of all that traffic.) This affected both Pegging Paradise and This happened right before a major holiday weekend when I was unable to coordinate the necessary people I needed to get the site back up. Finding a new host was tricky, because so many hosts won't host adult material, even if it's educational. Decided on Dreamhost.

They migrated website and then forgot to send me the final 'check and make sure this is okay' email. So I thought it was all done and proceeded to write a post celebrating the success of my website's new home, complete with this pic of my boobs!

Turns out the domain was not pointed to the new host yet, so some of you saw the boobs post, but many of you just got teased with a promise and then no boobs - because my website was in-between (and in the in-between stage you are NOT supposed to make any changes on your website - much less write a post... Oops).

The boobs post disappeared into the ether - it's probably back at the old host. I shared the pic directly on my patron's chat, but left the rest of you hanging, waiting for the boobs. So here I am, re-doing the boob post!

While my website was down, many of you sent letters of concern, wondering what was happening. Also during this time, some of you became new patrons and sent me donations! This humbled me. Wow. My websites were inaccessible from 8/27 to 9/9. OUCH.

But I am BACK, better than ever, and I like the new digs. Happy to be here for you loyal fans, as well as you newbies just finding Pegging Paradise!

Hope you enjoy Ruby's Boobs!

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  1. RUBY!!!! VERY Nice Tits!!! You should be very proud indeedee!!!! Scrumptious .
    But you are much more than a sweet pair of tits. Thank you for all your wise advice.

  2. Ruby, I’ve been listening to your podcast for almost a year and today I decided to register to your website. I don’t know exactly why but the picture above was decisive!

    This pair of jewels are for sure an amazing companion to a dildo harness two palms below!

    You are unbelievable. Love your show. Thanks for all your dedication to your audience!

    1. Thank you kindly! Welcome to Pegging Paradise, glad to have you.
      P.S. – There are other pics of my tatas recently posted as a celebration for meeting my Movember fundraising goal!

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