Podcast #243

This Bride has some plans.....

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #243

  • Patron/Donation Update
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • Overcoming her fears, she says yes, & they do the deed!
  • He has questions about staying clean
  • He draws parallel between physical and emotional/mental opening
  • She checks in with news of her transition
  • He's so frustrated by the patriarchy & assumptions he's dominant
  • He's having trouble with the discovery he loves submission
  • Info on Sex education in the UK
  • He notes Pegging is in the air...more
  • Another question about how to stay cleaner
  • He wonders if his wife is imagining him taking a real cock?
  • How to help her husband feel more okay with pegging
  • He offers knowledge about cleanliness for deep insertions
  • He asks where he can find a woman to peg him
  • Ruby is on WIKIPEDIA!!



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  1. I cannot begin to explain how much more confident I am that I am super clean inside after using the Ergo Flo.
    I actually like using it.
    As usual, your advice is nothing but the best. I dread the day she pulls out of me and her cock has anything on it but coconut oil.!!!!

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