Podcast #243

This Bride has some plans.....

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #243

  • Patron/Donation Update
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • Overcoming her fears, she says yes, & they do the deed!
  • He has questions about staying clean
  • He draws parallel between physical and emotional/mental opening
  • She checks in with news of her transition
  • He's so frustrated by the patriarchy & assumptions he's dominant
  • He's having trouble with the discovery he loves submission
  • Info on Sex education in the UK
  • He notes Pegging is in the air...more
  • Another question about how to stay cleaner
  • He wonders if his wife is imagining him taking a real cock?
  • How to help her husband feel more okay with pegging
  • He offers knowledge about cleanliness for deep insertions
  • He asks where he can find a woman to peg him
  • Ruby is on WIKIPEDIA!!



4 Responses

  1. I cannot begin to explain how much more confident I am that I am super clean inside after using the Ergo Flo.
    I actually like using it.
    As usual, your advice is nothing but the best. I dread the day she pulls out of me and her cock has anything on it but coconut oil.!!!!

  2. Ruby – I was looking at Pure as you had recommended it several times, and I noticed a couple things. First of all it could be done at home, just get some psyllium , flax and chia and grind them up. The second thing is the 4th ingredient: aloe vera. I’m not sure about concentration, but if the aloin has not been removed it is a mild stimulant laxative that some studies have shown a correlation with cancer and the FDA ordered removed from regulated drug products because it had not been demonstrated to be safe and effective.

    1. I get this comment a lot – yes, you can make this at home (or a version of it) less expensively. I have mentioned that several times on the podcast. The addition of aloe vera is designed to cut down on gas reactions that are common when taking psyllium.

      I doubt that they have offered an over-the counter product that contains aloin, but to be sure I have written them and asked about it! Will announce on podcast.

    2. And their response:
      Hello Ruby,
      Thank you for contacting the Pure for Men support team.
      ​Our team appreciates the promotion of our products through your various channels, thank you!
      We have had this question posed to us before, we had to get with our manufacturer to confirm this and they were able to clear things up.
      Our product includes aloe vera leaf extract gel, which is not to be confused with your standard Aloe Vera. The leaf extract itself has very little, to no aloin, versus the common aloe vera gel which is very high in aloin.
      We hope this information helps, please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
      Pure for Men

      Thanks for checking, Morgenstern!

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