An Open Letter to Joe Rogan Re:Pegging

Joe Rogan

Oh, Joe.

It's the 21st century! Sex toys are just toys; a delightful variety of devices to enhance solo or partnered sexual play.

News Flash: What they are not, Joe, is an indicator of sexual orientation.

Not even a minute into #1332 I discovered that you, Joe Rogan (as well as your guest Annie Lederman), are most definitely not in the 21st century in regards to sex toys. Your assumption that all men who enjoy pegging are gay is incorrect and uninformed. In reaction to your assumption about pegging, I am going to make an assumption about you, Joe...

Whether you have or have not experimented with receiving anal stimulation, you are not going to allow the world to think you have any interest in it. Why? This is clear from your pronouncements; you think anal-receptive play for men is inextricably connected to sexual orientation. And heaven forbid anyone think you are gay.

While speaking about it, you visibly shuddered with, well, whatever that emotion was. And whatever that emotion was, it was not a positive one. Your unspoken but powerful inference was that gay is somehow less-than in comparison to straight, which is the saddest statement of all in that mess of yours. Yikes, Joe. That's blatantly homophobic. I'm not gonna unpack that particular part of your mess, because it's above my pay grade and not in my area of expertise. (You might want to read some of Dr. Joe Kort's work, though.) I'm just going to try and educate you about your own body, because pegging is indeed my area of expertise.

So why would anyone want to try pegging? There is this amazing thing you have called a prostate, Joe. It's function is to produce prostatic fluid, which is one of the components of ejaculate. The prostate can be stimulated externally by pressing on your taint, or internally through the rectal canal. The overwhelming majority of men find prostate stimulation, whether done with fingers, a butt plug, a prostate massage device, or a strap-on, to be extremely pleasurable. Think of your prostate as an orgasm enhancer, Joe. Let me tell you why...

Orgasms achieved by simultaneous penile and prostate stimulation (getting fucked and jerked off) are described by an overwhelming majority of men who indulge in the practice, as feeling roughly 10 times more powerful than a normal orgasm. You are totally missing out, Joe! Who knew?

Here's another reason to explore pegging. At your age, it could help you to have a healthy prostate. Half of men in their fifties suffer from swollen prostate (BPH - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). What can be done? Prostate massage has been shown to dramatically reduce the symptoms of swollen prostate, sometimes completely eliminating the issue. Tired of getting up all night to go pee? Get fucked with a strap-on! It could help. Prostate massage, whether it's delivered by a doctor, nurse or your girlfriend pegging your ass with a dildo, can help to keep your prostate healthy.

And check this out, Joe. Homosexual men reported a significantly lower frequency of prostate cancer—one-third the frequency of other men. Perhaps there's something to this prostate stimulation, eh?

One more reason men enjoy pegging is the experience of finally letting someone else run the fuck. What do I mean by that? Usually, intercourse is the default sexual activity for heterosexual couples. The man is the giver, runs the fuck, and is responsible for his partner's pleasure. So what would it be like if men could just relax and receive for once? Pegging offers that experience to men, and it also educates women about how much it really takes to fuck someone. Fucking someone is an athletic event that deserves much more appreciation than you men typically get for it! I speak from experience, Joe.

Who is drawn to explore pegging? The more macho, alpha, and masculine the man (you seem to qualify, Joe), the more they crave an opportunity to lay back and just receive pleasure, open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable. CEOs, military, law enforcement, and high-powered businessmen are prime examples. They tell me that they are expected to be in control...All. The. Time. The man box dictates that; always be in control and never allow yourself to be vulnerable. These are not good rules to live by; likely one of the factors why 75% of suicides are men, and men die earlier. Following those rules is fucking stressful! At a certain point some men get tired of those expectations, and want to switch it up in the bedroom with, you guessed it, pegging.

Now let's unpack your assumption about pegging and sexual orientation.

Try these examples on for size...and, no, I'm not asking you to put anything in your ass. Just theoretically, Joe. Simply a concept composed of words, so you can let your sphincter relax a little.

When a lesbian fucks her lover's vagina with a strap-on, does that mean her lover is not a lesbian and should be out there getting some real dick? What about when that same lesbian fucks her lover's ass with a strap-on...? Does that still mean her lover is not a lesbian and wants real dick in her ass? What if she enjoys the smooth softness of a woman and has no interest whatsoever in masculine, hairy bodies? Does her love of receiving strap-on sex invalidate her stated and chosen orientation? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

What about a gay man who doesn't enjoy anal sex? Does that mean he's really straight? Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to, Joe, not what sexual activities you choose to do, or not to do.

The logic of your assumption falls apart quite quickly because, well, there is no logic. It's a house of cards built of your fears around being seen as feminine (being penetrated) or gay (enjoying receptive anal sex). Now I know that this is what the rigidly defined man box dictates, Joe, but the world is changing. I remind you again - it's the 21st century. A fair number of straight men enjoy pegging, including Ryan Reynolds.

The area of your body that you enjoy having stimulated has absolutely no bearing on the gender you prefer to do the stimulating. A sexual action or behavior does not dictate sexual orientation. What does it say about you if you enjoy having your girlfriend fuck your ass with a strap-on? It says you enjoy having your girlfriend fuck you in the ass with a strap-on! That's it.

You said, "There's no way any of us can ever understand what's in anybody else's brain." So true, Joe. So why do you think you know what's in the brains of men who enjoy pegging?

Lastly, a response to Annie Lederman's question. "Why would you waste your time with a rubber dick strapped to a woman if you could just go get...(the real thing)?" Because a real dick is attached to a real man, Annie, and whether or not men like to get fucked in the ass, men don't go after men if they prefer women. Seems like a no-brainer, frankly.

So to recap...more intense orgasms, better prostate health, and a rare opportunity for men to experience receiving and allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

Pegging is pretty cool, Joe!

In closing, I would like to issue you a gentle challenge to explore your own ass. Take a deep breath, Joe, and indulge in a first-class tour of your own body to discover all the pleasure it's capable of. Being an intrepid explorer of your own sexuality is not an adventure for the faint-hearted, but the rewards are extraordinary. 

Ruby Ryder 
Pegging Paradise Podcast 

6 Responses

  1. Oh Joe So insecure its really very funny. The word on the street is he is closet bi this topic probably scared him a bit to much. I think pegging can be pretty manly to! Silly Joe if only he knew.

  2. Interesting, I’ve listened to MANY of his podcasts and never heard anything lime this. I’ll have to go back and listen to this one. I’ve always thought of him as “relatively” open minded.

    @openmindlover, I’ve also heard him speak on similar topics and was kinda thinking the same thing. He definitely has made some comments regarding same sex play etc. Too bad really, he’s got a large audience and could use his platform to make a difference instead of propagating tired stereotypes.

    1. I’ve heard people talk this way about Joe Rogan, and I acknowledge that he has a lot of great things to say about a lot of subjects, but in this particular session – it was pretty blatant.

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