Podcast #259

Bustle Article from 2016

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #259

  • Patron/Donation update
  • He wonders - is it okay to ask a Mistress if she orgasms while pegging?
  • He wants to listen to the first podcasts - where to find?
  • Post webinar - He's feeling comfortable loving women with strap-ons!
  • He volunteers an interview about his experience with the overlap of small penis and pegging kinks!
  • His question: Can a man have 26 orgasms?
  • He's on fire, no longer settles, and is on track for that gang bang!
  • He's certain he wants a Female Led Relationship
  • Recovering from religion-induced shame is hard, but he's ready to come out to his wife about cross-dressing!
  • Staying home with his wife due to virus, he can't indulge his cross-dressing and anal play
  • Finally got truly pegged (7 orgasms), now looking for fisting lube!
  • They wonder about DP with a double?
  • She's still looking for a relationship with pegging



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  1. Did that small penis related interview ever take place? I would be interested to hear it. I wouldn’t mind volunteering an interview as well on the topic!

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