Podcast #260 Part 2

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Pegging Paradise Podcast #260 Part 2

  • He wonders if it's okay for a submissive male to be...pretty much worthless, okay with that, and just be abused as a slave
  • What happens when pegging becomes normal in a relationship? Decreased frequency? Increased? Loss of taboo?
  • He really wants to be fucked forcefully but his wife is too gentle. Help?
  • He's very scared of his desire to get pegged. Help!
  • He worked up the courage to ask and they are on the path!
  • He's looking for beginner's BDSM advice, good porn & pics of me
  • He does a lot of self play and wonders if it could cause problems
  • He has many questions about positions, harnesses, dildos and hemorrhoids
  • His solo play has not produced as much pleasure as he expected




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