Part Two – Tell Me What You Want


Part Two - Tell Me What You Want

I know these secrets about you, and I keep them secret, allowing you to present a different and less complete man that you show the world. The man that you are in my bedroom has so many more subtleties and layers. I love that toys can access some of your layers.

You haven't moved, even after seeing my toy.

As I climb onto the bed, I admonish you.

"Don't. Move." You giggle and nod, eyes closed again.

Lube on toy, toy against your ass, and I wait. This will take a while, but it's exactly this that gets you to let go. This big toy is insistent. The magic happens when you allow it in. You and I both know that you want it. Your ass will take some convincing. But I am patient.

The head of my toy is pretty blunt, and the only warmup I gave you was my tongue. Delightful, but not sufficient. I feel you rock against me softly, pushing your hole against it, sweet-talking your ass to open for me. I decide not to call you on the fact that you move, because our cause unites at this point.

Slowly, inexorably, you take my toy inside you. At the end you lose patience just a bit. and push back a little too hard, a little too fast. You whimper softly when your sphincter closes over my toy, as the head finds it way inside you.

I let you breathe for a bit, and just be. Adjustment time is necessary. If I know you, there are still thoughts and words tumbling through your head that have no business being there in this moment. Yeah...I'm going to work on that. Above all, the only things I want in your head are thoughts about my toy in your ass. I will make sure you think about how it feels; how I move it, how you want it to move, and how much you love to be fucked.

I pull back the toy, let you feel that pronounced head threatening to pull out, and then sink it back inside you again. You moan a cute, kind of high pitched sound.

So far I've allowed you to stay in that sideways position, but now I straighten your leg, so I can sit astride you. Your hand quickly tucks cock as you roll over on your stomach to make sure it's comfortable trapped against the bedspread. Another chance won't be given.

I lay the length of my body down on yours, with my legs on the outside, keeping yours from spreading apart. Not a small woman, I want you to feel like you are being forced. You will hardly be able to stand it. This is why you start to wiggle beneath me.

You push your ass up against mine frantically and kind of haphazardly.

"Stop." You know that tone, and stop immediately.

You don't relish the thought of finding yourself on the wrong end of my cane in this moment. The cane excites at other times, but your priority in this moment is to get fucked. I know that, so I use it.

"Tell me what you want, sweetcakes. Tell me all about it."

"I want you to fuck me, Ma'am. Please."

"Well, that's a good start, but not nearly enough words. Consequently, tonight you are going to have to wax poetic when you tell me what you want to happen here. More importantly, the words need to happen before I give you the fucking you crave. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am..." You sigh heavily, resigned to the task.

Continued in Part Three

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